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Changes in the Wind

As Wickenburg undergoes its long-overdue downtown facelift, wickenburg-az.com is preparing for some changes of its own.

During the month of December, Flying M Productions will be getting a new Web server. As a result, all Web sites hosted on its server will be revised and brought up to date, with new technology, interactive features, and more dynamic content.

wickenburg-az.com is the largest of the Web sites hosted by Flying M Productions. With over 300 individual pages, hundreds of grapic images, and four databases, managing wickenburg-az.com’s content poses interesting challenges for me. The site has been in existence since 1999 and content has been growing monthly since then, with contributions from supporters like Jim Cook, John Aabbott, and the occasional visitor supplementing the content I write when I have time.

To make all this content easier to manage and to enable others to add content without any additional effort on my part, I’ve decided to rebuild wickenburg-az.com from the ground up, converting all existing content that still has value to a blog-based format. Blog formats are uniquely suited for a Web site that displays recent content on its home page and archives older content by category. As new content is added, old content will automatically be archived, saving me several hours of work each month.

But the most exciting part of the change is how easy it will be for local residents, visitors, and supporters to add their own content to the site. If you have something to say, it’ll be easy to say it. Just fire up your Web browser, navigate to a special form, log in, and type in your comments. Click a button and the content will be instantly published on wickenburg-az.com.

Although this system isn’t set up yet, you can get a taste of what it will be like by checking out wicken-blog, the WebLog system I set up last month. If you want to participate in the blog, just e-mail the Webmaster for access. You’ll soon be on your way to contributing to the site. And if what you contribute has value to site visitors, you’ll get full posting access to the revised wickenburg-az.com when it appears near year-end.

I have been busy lately finishing up a book revision for one of my publishers. But now that that’s off my plate, I look forward to spending more time making wickenburg-az.com even more valuable to site visitors than before. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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