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Old Guest Book 2005 Entries

The following are the entries that appeared in the original wickenburg-az.com Guest Book for the year 2005. That Guest Book was discontinued when we switched to the new Web site format on January 1, 2006.

On 12/27/2005, Rebecca Haldeman of Sharon, WI, USA wrote:

I was looking at a map of Wickenburg earlier today and the town name “Constellation” stuck out to me. I also noticed that there was only one road leading in and out of Constellation and wondered what it would be like to live in a town with only one outlet to the world. Google Maps had nothing on this town and their search engine had very few relevant hits but it brought me to this site. The article about the hike to the ghost town of Constellation interested me very much and the next time I make it down to the Wickenburg area, I might just take a hike up to that mine and isolated town.

On 11/23/2005, kennard peterson of tacoma, wa, USA wrote:
i was over to whispering ranch last week was surprised to see so many changes condos suppose to be built south of there possible road connect 10 highway 60 rumers of coarse price going up so much can see why very nice to get to whickenburg again nice town kennard

On 11/17/2005, Art Macias of Brea, California, USA wrote:
My father was born and raised in Wickenburg. I have been there a few times as a child and once as an adult. My fathers name is Arthur O. Macias. If there is anyone still living in Wickenburg who is related to my father please contact me via my email address.

On 10/15/2005, Sharie Carter of San Diego, CA, USA wrote:
It’s early on Saturday morning and I’m living in a large city…too large…and wishing I lived in a small desert community! So I started looking around online and found Wickenburg! Now I know where I will retire to! This is a great website!

On 9/21/2005, Trudy Schock of Wickenburg, Arizona, USA wrote:
I am visiting my nephew in Denkendorf (Esslingen /Stuttgart Germany). I have a wonderfull time in Germany such a beatfull country,i was nineteen years old when i moved to USA. I am citizen since 1965 i love my new home very much. Trudy Schock

On 9/18/2005, Kim Bosch of Silt, Co, USA wrote:
Nice web site am living in Co. and was missing AZ sunsets !! Makes me wanna come home now that its October hehe ; )

On 9/9/2005, Pat Vigil of Brady, Nebraska, USA wrote:
Really enjoy the site and the stories. I check the weather,web cam, and temperature every day…Love to visit and enjoy a meal at Screamers and the cafe on the corner of main…can’t remember the name. Will be living there in 2009….

On 8/28/2005, Christopher Fallang of Selkirk, NY, USA wrote:
We bought property near the airport and will be flying in and out about 5 to 6 years from now. We looked at many areas to retire but picked Wickenburg!

On 8/7/2005, Crystal Ortiz of Buckeye, AZ, USA wrote:
I love Vulture Peak Trail. It’s beautiful and full of wildlife. My boyfriend and I go there all the time and enjoy a day of hiking followed by some scenic routes and stopping in at our favorite place to eat. Screamers of course.

On 7/30/2005, Ray Theriault of Manchester, New Hampshire, USA wrote:
Looks promising

On 6/20/2005, Richard L. of Surprise, AZ, USA wrote:
I last visited this site (to the best of my recollection) on 9/29/04. My location, and email address has changed. This is a wonderful site, and we are now using some of the information to plan some near future day trips. We are looking at cars, and hope to make our selection soon. Can’t wait! When someone asked what my first day trip would be, I resoundingly said – Wickenburg of course! God Bless you all, and your wonderful town.

On 6/13/2005, kennard peterson of , USA wrote:
I enjoyed wickenberg last time I was there .Looking forward to visit it some time this summer as I go see my property at whispering ranch So many interesting things around there to see I enjoy this guest book Kennard Peterson

On 6/1/2005, Jason Mewes of Fresno, CA, USA wrote:
My friend told me about this site and how you moved to Wickenburg, and you hate everyone there cause they don’t live or do business by your standards. You actually do your business outside of Wickenburg and don’t shop at your advertisers. I don’t see a Sprawl-Mart advertisement here. How come you still live there. Is it also true that you talk crap about people you don’t even know? Anyone can feel free to e-mail me at the address provided. I would love to hear from anyone including the webmaster. Jay

On 5/30/2005, Valerie DiSciascio of Long Beach & Wickenburg, CA/AZ, USA wrote:
Last year during Siesta (Labor Day weekend), we drove through Wickenburg on our way from Phoenix to Parker, and fell in love with it. We bought a house there that week! On a recent trip there, we were injured in a car accident on Rt. 60 and Vicksburg Road. Our neighbors in Wickenburg, whom we had only seen intermittently since last fall, stepped up and provided needed transportation and much more! Now we just have to tie up a few loose ends in CA before we make Wickenburg our home. We couldn’t have picked a better place.

On 5/23/2005, Linda Thompson of Riverside, CA, USA wrote:
Have been to Wickenburg once, stopped to eat there. Well we plan a trip back this summer to spend a little time looking. We are looking for a place to retire to in a few years, possibly buying before that. We really enjoyed our short time there. My aunt lived there a few years ago and has told us of the friendliness of the people there. See you soon,

On 4/17/2005, Pim de Graaf of Houten, the Netherlands wrote:
I am living in the town of Houten in the Netherlands. At approx 5 km of the town center, there is an estate, which was established approximately 5 centuries ago and still is pretty much in its original state. A lovely mansion which was built in the early nineteenth century is surrounded by trees several hundreds of years old, there is a pond and a medieaval pigeonry. The estate is called Wickenburg, the name was first used around 1600. No wonder, now that I am planning a trip with my family to Arizona, that we hope to see some descendants from the first settlers in Wickenburg, who must have come from this quiet and beautiful place.

On 3/20/2005, Mary Marshall of Laguna Beach, CA, USA wrote:
Maria, I am so impressed with your Web Site and Thank YOU for all of your efforts. I was born in Wickenburg in 1951 and lived there for “only 5 years” before moving to CA with my family. It has always been in my heart to “revisit” where I came from. This Web site has given me the opportunity to see Wickenburg and feel like I have found my “roots”. I look forward to visiting Wickenburg this year…thanks again!
Mary Marshall

On 3/7/2005, Kid Kirby of , Oklahoma, USA wrote:
I love Wickenburg, and every time the opportunites presents itself, I make a drive in that direction. It is impossible to believe that my folks chose “Parker” over Wickenburg–I would be a Wickenburgite for over 4 decades. My dream is still alive to someday make Wickenburn my true home–I hear it calling to my soul…

On 3/7/2005, Arlene Steed of Paris, Texas, USA wrote:
I worked in Wickenburg at Remuda Ranch and lived in Forepaugh from 1997 to 2004. I moved into Wickenburg in 2004 for about 6 months before moving to Paris, Texas. I loved the little town of Wickenburg and really miss it. I miss my job, my friends and of course….yes….even the weather! I love to come to this site to read about it and keep in touch. I still get the Wickenburg Sun, just so I can keep in touch! Maybe someday, I’ll be back! I’m sure I will since my daughter and grandson are still there. I hope to see all of you soon!

On 2/15/2005, Darla Schooler of Downey, CA, USA wrote:
Thanks for your coverage of the flooding and loss of land, homes and property. We attended Gold Rush Days, but had to leave early Sunday morning to return to California, but saw a bit of info on the Saturday evening news. The pictures tell it all!!! “AMEN” to your comment on the by-pass. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!!! (obviously, they aren’t) I also enjoy your Weblog — you help us more thoroughly enjoy our Wickenburg experience. Thanks !!!

On 2/6/2005, Jerry Bange of Conover , NC, USA wrote:
What a great site for the old Burg. When I lived there, the nickname was Whiskeyburg, I Have no idea how much was consumed, but it was high and regular. I moved there in 1947, graduated for WHS in the very large class of 26 students in 1951. My mother, Lucy Bange had moved there about a year before I joined her. We lived on the Prescott highway, not far from the Sol’s Wash bridge. She laater bought a place not far for Rancho de Los Caballeros. Funny what one remembers, the great dude ranches, the parties, the quality of the new comers, the start of the country club, the treacherous hole, I think either 4 or 6 that starts from the top of the hill, doglegs left, and has deep desert rough on the left. Being a left handed golfer with a terrible slice at the time, that hillside was covered with my golf balls. I notice on the site Wickenburg Way is referred to, is that a street name? Haven’t been in town to spend time since 1975 when my mother retired and moved east. Is the “no fishing off the bridge” sign still on the highway bridge over the river? That was quite a topic of conversation from new comers. The Wickenburg Sun editor of the days was a man named John Carroll, and he had a great sense of humor. That was probably the best weekly I have ever read. One I remember, a truck load of bourbon went off Yarnell Mountain, the Headline was “Bourbon on the Rocks”.
Keep up the good work.
Jerry Bange, Conover NC

On 2/6/2005, Mark O’Riley of Sauk Rapids, MN, USA wrote:
I visited Wickenburg exactly a year ago this week. I had acquired a mining claim out by the Old Vulture Mine and found out about Wickenburg through various search engines telling the story of this area. Wow, what a great history this area has. I had stayed in Arizona for awhile about 40 some years ago, back when my parents liked to travel alot and we decided to camp out in the middle of the desert for three months. What an experience for an eight year old. Guess this is why I’m looking at coming back to Arizona and checking it out once again. I currently live in Minnesota, and let me tell you, the winters get old real fast. What short time I spent in Wickenburg last year was a great time. Really brought back some old memories of the desert life. Had fun on my mining claim and did alot of soul searching. For the last year now, I have spent alot of time coming to Wickenburg through this web site and reminiscing about being there. Thanks to Maria for providing this opportunity to do so. I love the quaint, small town, frontiersy, western atmosphere it has maintained. Hope it can stay that way for awhile. Maybe some day I might make it a permanent stay. Thanks, Mark

On 1/25/2005, Brian Wachtel of Kingston, New York, USA wrote:
I haven’t been to Wickenburg since I was a child around 35 years ago. My grandparents retired to Wickenburg and I visited them there. They passed away long ago but I still feel a connection to the area. I plan on visiting in the near future and this web site has been very helpful. It appears that Wickenburg is still the same beautiful small town I remember it being.

On 1/2/2005, Tom Wilson of Mount Hope, West Virginia, USA wrote:
I drove thru Wickenburg last February on my way to California. I love this website and town of Wickenburg. I regret that I didn’t stop and visit the town but I am planning another trip out west this February and plan to spend a day in Wickenburg. I will be spending the month of February in Phoenix with relatives and plan to visit Wickenburg several times.

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1 comment to Old Guest Book 2005 Entries

  • every time i look at this site , it brings back memory’s of a fly drive from engand via las vegas / grand canyon / phoenix. wickenburg was the fuel stop on the way around. but this is not the first time ive been there, cos of the computer world i met for the first time a cousin who stayed there for the winter period. as there came down from Oregon to stop there in the horsepitality rv park….now i cant stop lookin at the web site, and listening full time the local radio station there,,, as i type its playing to me …i also got a good friend that was working the shell filling station there.. ( carl ) he never fails to send me every day emails… and i wish i was living there…….. but wishes are just pie in the sky..i just love the place to bits, dont ask me why but i do..mabe its the weather ??? anyhow im here in the lake district north england wishing my life away……ok you guys all the best, and im lookin and listening every day bye for now bob