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Supermarket Traffic Jams

I hate to make my first contribution to this site a complaint, but I think the best way to solve a problem is to draw attention to it.

I’m talking about the traffic jams in the local supermarkets.

It’s really quite amazing how many people think nothing of blocking up the supermarket aisles with their carts while they chat with friends. Come on, ladies! Show some consideration for your fellow shoppers! Maybe you haven’t seen Betty since last season, but does that mean you have to cause a traffic jam in the supermarket while you catch up on the past …

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Added Local Weather

I just added a local weather feature to the site. You can find it in the navigation bar on the left side of the Home page.

Unfortunately, I cannot get an online resource for Wickenburg weather to interact directly with the Web site (yet). The weather you see is from the airport at Glendale Airport, which is about 25 miles southeast of Wickenburg.

If you click the Local Weather title, however, you’ll be taken to the National Weather Service page for Wickenburg, AZ, which has forecast information and current observations from the automated weather station at Wickenburg Municipal Airport.

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Wickenburg Public Library

Have you been to the library lately?

Wickenburg is extremely fortunate to have a great library right in town. Centrally located between Town Hall and the Community Center, the library has a good selection of books for adults and kids and a whole lot more.

The main entrance to Wickenburg Public Library on East Apache Street.

Inside, the library is bright and airy. In the main room, there’s a desk for checking books in and out and some tables for reading. The main room is also where you’ll find the library’s reference collection, computers for checking the availability of …

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Land of the Sun Endurance Ride

Wickenburg Horsemen’s Association will once again host the Land of the Sun Endurance Ride at the Rodeo Grounds in Wickenburg, AZ on January 28, 2006. Close to one hundred plus volunteers clear trail, hang ribbons, and assist the riders and their horses with food and water and as a result things run very smoothly for the riders and their horses. These volunteers are always the most important assets to this ride. In addition, Ride Management will have radio assistance along the trail every four to five miles with the Wickenburg Sheriff’s Posse Search and Rescue as well as six veterinarians.

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Photographs Wanted

You may have noticed that although most of the old wickenburg-az.com site has been moved to its new format, the content in the Photo Tours section is conspicuously missing. There are two reasons for that.

The first is that inserting photos in documents in the new Web site software is a bit tedious. I thought I’d experiment with a software plugin that’ll create photo “galleries” online by accessing photos stored in a database. The benefit of this is that I can add photos at any time and they’ll automatically appear on the appropriate page. This is a great way to …

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