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Another One Bites the Dust

Wickenburg Farmer’s Market, which Maria featured in a December 13, 2004 article (since deleted), has gone out of business.

I’m not a business expert and I don’t have any inside information, so I can’t tell you exactly why they went out of business. But I suspect it was a combination of two things:

  • Stiff competition. It’s hard to sell fruits and vegetables in a small store when there are two supermarkets selling fruits and vegetables. While the Wickenburg Farmer’s Market had good prices, it wasn’t as convenient as a supermarket. After all, is it worth making two stops if you need some produce, a bottle of aspirin, and a roll of paper towels? Most people probably wouldn’t think so.
  • Location, location, location. Let’s face it: Wickenburg Farmer’s Market didn’t have the best location. It wasn’t near anything else that someone might need to go to. And although it had plenty of parking out back with a convenient rear entrance, most folks thought parking was limited to the two or three spaces out front. And we all know how some people just don’t like to walk more steps than they need to.

So here’s yet another example of a local business going under. In this case, they lasted slightly more than a year. I guess they were waiting for their lease to run out.

And yet there’s still a cry among Wickenburg’s seasonal residents for a Wal-Mart in town. After all, why should we shop and buy goods and services at the small local businesses that keep the town alive when we could save a few dollars here and there buying cheap merchandise manufactured in China from a company that adds low-paying jobs and huge, brightly-lighted parking lots to the community?

I don’t know about the other “snowbirds” that come to Wickenburg, but I come to Wickenburg for the small town atmosphere. Every time a local business closes, a little more of the town’s charm disappears.

If you like Wickenburg’s small town atmosphere, help keep it alive. Stop driving down to Surprise for every little thing you need to buy and start spending more of your money right here in town. Not only will you keep current businesses alive, but you’ll give entepreneurs the market they need to start and grow more businesses to service the community.

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4 comments to Another One Bites the Dust

  • Why shop in Wickenburg, Gas is 20-40cents cheaper per Gal. in Phoenix
    Wickenburg has no Department stores. Once a month we Drive into
    Phoenix, Gas Up, Purchase some Groceries,Buy Medication at at Our
    Insurance Company Pharmacies, See our Specialist Doctors. Buy
    clothing at Department Stores. We are on a fixed income.
    We do try to go to the two local Stores for most of our groceries

  • Why shop in Wickenburg? To support the local economy maybe?

    It’s this kind of attitude — “I can save a few dollars if I shop in Surprise” — that’s causing the failure of businesses here in town. It’s also convincing certain people that we need a Wal-Mart, which would be the final nail in Wickenburg’s small business coffin right now.

    Wickenburg residents should shop in Wickenburg whenever possible, if only to support local businesses and help keep the economy alive. If more people people shopped here, more businesses would provide the goods and services we need.

  • Hilary

    I lived in Wickenburg as a child and hope to return with my own family someday to farm and offer Wickenburg farm fresh produce….it’s healthier for you, you know where it’s grown and it would go to support the town, not Walmart!!!! Shop local and keep Wickenburg quaint. I’ve lived in Mesa since 4th grade (late 1980s) and have seen how Walmart and big box stores have ruined the east valley. Wickenburg is a gem the way it is and it should be preserved….but only the locals can make sure that happens. Community activism is key and I hope to be part of it someday in the near future.

  • john kinzel

    Walmart, we have one here,made in China stuff. Go to Home Depot, smae thing Made in China. You can’t go anywhere and not buy China stuff. Thank you GOP.