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I’m pleased to present the Guest Book for this site.

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30 comments to Guest Book

  • jerry parker

    hi, really enjoy this site, i am in moab ut. heading to wickenburg tomorrow, plan on staying a few weeks, keep up good work. thanks jp

  • Pat Vigil

    Hello enjoy reading the news of Wickenburg, as will be our future home…Keep up the good work..Love the new heading pix.

  • Kevin Bracken

    Thanks for the Java Cycle mention. If you need any further assistance in Williams on my computer just let me know I own the Java Cyle.

  • Paul E. Kelly

    I enjoyed the web sight My son (Ed Kelly) is moving there
    from Sierra Vista, Az. soon and that is how I heard about
    Wickenburg.He will be working at the Hosp.
    I will be reading more aboout Wickenburg.

  • Yolanda

    Hello, I have read most of the history of Wickenburg and I have a few questions if someone could please provide the information. I am wondering about the family that resided in Wickenburg, The Garcia Family. I know that there is a cemetary named after them and I heard that the first school house was donated by the Garcia Family, am I right? If anyone has any information about this family I would seriously appreciate it.

  • enjoy reading the comments from people

  • David S. Camp

    Nice site.
    I just brought a Gold mineing claim near Wickenburg and plan to be spending some time there in the near future. It looks like a wonderful place. (It’ll be good to get out of Miami FL for a while….)

  • Pat Ballogg

    Really like this site and the format. My wife and I live in Wickenburg (well, 7 miles north of town off 93) but I’m presently away from home in Afghanistan and enjoy reading and looking at my home town. Makes it feel ‘not so far away’.

  • Maria…I want to let you know how much I enjoy your website and the pristine photography you offer. I was fortunate enough to get to spend a couple of winters in Wickenburg a few years ago and met you at Heather’s coffee shop. I spent many a morning enjoying java in the courtyard and the conversation of your wonderful parrot that resided in the entrance corner. I hope he is well…and thanks again for you unselfish efforts to remind me of a place I will always love. Jackie

  • Dave Webb

    Used to live in Barstow ; now in Pennsylvania and soon coming back to the beautiful desert and settling in Wickenburg

  • Cindy Roche

    I just recently moved to AZ (Prescott), fulfilling a decades-old dream, sparked by horseback rides with Dana and John Burden of Adventure Trails. Today I was trying to locate them on the web, and found that Dana had succumbed to cancer about a year ago. He was a very special man, his knowledge and love of the area was unbounded. Riding with him, especially on explorations to new places, touched me to the core, and fueled my desire to live here. God bless you, Dana.

  • James Allan

    Hi Everyone,

    Just found the site and I am very pleased about it. My wife and I spent a short time in Wickenburg in 2003 whilst on our tour of AZ. We were so impressed that we both felt we could retire to your beautiful town when thwe time came, and this from the UK. I have kept up to date via the online newspaper, but this is much better. Keep the Battle going to protect the Town.

    Good luck

    James Allan
    Sheffield, UK

  • Comment for Tommy Knocker and/or other off roaders. Would like to join your group for future tour to Bradshaw grave. Please add my email address. flsnyderglenaz@hotmail.com Second , Have you had any recent problems with QUICK SAND on the Castle Creek portion of your trips, or is this only a problem in wet years? Thanks for any info you can give us.

  • Love your site and the info. We have been interested in moving out of California, and was looking in Kingman area but, your town looks great. One question, Do you know what Health Insurance or health provider is offered in your town?

    Thanks Dee
    hope to see you soon

  • Nicole P

    I visited Wickenberg while staying impatient at Remuda Ranch. It was a beautiful little town and the weather was amazing!

  • Kelli Thomas

    WOW! Thanks so much for the great picture of the little red school house. I went there for 6th – 8th grade and I gather it burned down right after I left in 1978. What a shame. But the warm feelings I felt at seeing it again are indescribable. Wickenburg was a GREAT place to grow up and will forever have a special place in my heart. I feel I owe much of who I am today because of my 3 years in wickenburg!

  • Linda Seiler

    Gorgeous webcam view!

  • Hello all. Great site! lots of good info. hope to get back to stanton to dig some gold.

  • Kelli Carter

    Just wanted to thank you for this site. I wish I had seen it last weekend. My brother and sister-in-law are camping near Wickenburg with their horses. They were in route to Wickenburg last weekend. They were wary of the weather and wanted to avoid the real hairy areas. I was trying to tell them the bad areas to avoid via internet. If you see them in town (white ford crew cab dually truck from Iowa). Ask if they are from Knoxville and say to them they should have brought their sister. That should shock them but good. Thanks again.

  • Carolyn Johnson-Hoton

    WE lived in Wickenburg 1988-1998 in the “old Thurber house”. It will always be my dream house, and I love that desert. Rode my horse Hero almost every day. We trained & rode at Remuda. I am still still riding Hero in the hight desert in Grand Jct., CO., but miss my old trails.

    Thanks for your website. I love it!

  • Cheryl Hartley

    My sister and brother in law moved over to Wickenburg a couple years ago from So California! We have visited several times within the past year, with a recent visit last weekend to pay our last respects to our beloved sister, daughter, mother, wife, Pamela Wilson. The people of Wickenburg, Daves Desert Funeral Home and The Elks Lodge welcomed us with open hearts and open arms. How refreshing for the 50 or so of us that came from California! You truly are a great town with excellent people. Thank you!

  • bob oliphant

    hi guys, over there in my most favorite place in the world. been there a few times now passed through on way to vegas. and various other times… dont know who reads these comments but if carl reads from the shell station , (hello carl ) who emails me every day …
    i just wish that i could move there,,, but its a long way from the lake district in england.. i find it so so pleasant there,, weather and all….ok you guys im going back into my shell now ,,, but i will be listerning to the radio station from there kbsz 1250 , as its on my pc 24/7 … ok im off bye now.

    • John Darlington

      Well its 2012 and i cant wait to visit my favourite cousins in Congress AZ which is near my most favourite place on earth `Wickenburg AZ, My wife and a I were there in June 2011 , We had a great time and met so many friendly people I in particular loved the Desert Caballeros Western Museum and spent ages chating to one particuler lady there , we`d give anything now we are both retirees to buy a property in Wickenburg only one problem is that we live in England and is so hard to move to the USA for older people even if we paid cash for a house,Wickenburg is a wonderfull town even if your a stupid english fool like me who went for a walk in the desert one day near Box Canyon and caught a Jumping Cholla Cactus in my hand which my Ameracian cousins found `hilarious` but at the end of the day I still love the area and the beautiful desert. As Arnie said – “I’ll be back

  • Rick Garcia

    Enjoyed the story about the Garcia Family. I had heard the stories from my Dad Gabriel I. Garcia and from my Grandfather Gabriel L. Garcia. I did not know my great Grandfather (Ygnacio) was a school Trustee. I am also a school Trustee for a small school district in California.

    Rick Garcia
    P.O. 272
    Buttonwillow, Ca 93206

  • Scott Christian

    I recently came across an article by Jim Cook about Weedville, AZ and the story he told of his family. My grandparents on my mothers side were also Cooks, but from OK. They came to Peoria during the depression and I was curious if we might be distantly related. They were William and Nona Cook from Ida, OK. Grandpa used tp be the grounds keeper at Peoria High. That would be quite a coincidence if we were related

  • Gladys Dillard

    Does anyone remember the Wickenburg Cafe. There was a fiberglass horse out front. My uncle Bill Benjamin was the owner. I have old 8mm movies of my grandmother’s 80th birtday party held at the Wickenburg Cafe in 1965. She was still living in Wickenburg when she passed away at the age of 90. Is the cafe still there and if so what is the name of it now and the address as I don’t recall it. Also my aunt owned the Terri Lynn dress shop. She made squaw dresss for the ladies who came from back east to the dude ranches. Any pictures or newspaper articles someone would like to share.

  • Help us save the historic 1863 Vulture Gold Mine discovered by Henry Wickenburg. Many of the buildings have collapsed and those remaining are unstable. We are a group of concerned citizens who have formed Vulture Mine Preservation and Restoration Association an AZ non-profit corporation,501(c)3 application is pending, to purchase the site, stabilize the remaining buildings, including the 1880s Assay office, headframe, manager’s and supervisor’s homes, machine shop, and school houses.
    Become a member and help us save the mine whose ore financed the growth of Wickenburg, Phoenix and much of Arizona. Visit our web site: http://www.savevulturemine.org or email us at savevulturemine@aol.com for more information.

  • I visited the USA for the first time in my life last year2009 in May, I have cousins and relatives all over the US but my favourite cousin lives in a town called Congress not far from Wickenburg, he took me to see Wickenburg and I thought it was wonderful, I absolutely love Arizona , I have cousins who live in Pasadena California, but I tell you I would much rather live in the beautiful state of Arizona.
    Unfortunately my wife could not be with me last year on my visit to Arizona, but next year in may 2010 we will be staying with my cousin in Congress for a few days and I just have to take her to see Wickenburg.
    My wife is a schoolteacher and whilst I was in Wickenburg i took some video of the area around where the statue of a Lady with the suitcase is near the old-style steam engine, she let the kids in her class at school see the video and they were totally enthralled, most of the comments were where are all the people ! Nobody seemed to be out in the streets, and it looks just like something out of a cowboy film.
    As for me I’m 64 years old my wife will retire in two years time and if it wasn’t for not being able to get our British pensions over their we would sell up and buy a nice little retirement home in or around the beautiful area of Wickenburg

  • Forgot to mention where I’m from, I live in the north west of the UK, 6 miles south of the city of Manchester in a town called Stockport in the county of Cheshire.

  • kennard peterson

    have enjoyed the comments keep up the good work We try to go there at least once a year you have a great city there keep it up Kennard Peterson Tacoma wa