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I'm Back (Again)

Greetings to all wickenburg-az.com visitors! I’m back for a few months, with plenty of time off (for good behavior?) and hope to spend some time contributing to the site.

The new site looks great, although I noticed that some of my old articles are missing. (I guess Maria will put me to work moving them over to the new site next week.) I like the idea that I can add new articles (and even update old ones) from any computer on the ‘Net and I that don’t have to mess around with HTML formatting. I hope other people around Wickenburg — even winter visitors like me — sign up to become content contributors here. I think it’s rewarding to see my contributions here on the site and to get e-mail from the people who like (and hate) what I have to say.

I’ve noticed a bunch of changes downtown — some good, some not so good — and you can bet you’ll hear about them from me. I’ll try to add something new over the weekend, so keep checking in.

And, for the record, it’s great to be back in Wickenburg. After two months living with cold rain almost every day, it’s great to see a blue sky.

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