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Land of the Sun Endurance Ride

Wickenburg Horsemen’s Association will once again host the Land of the Sun Endurance Ride at the Rodeo Grounds in Wickenburg, AZ on January 28, 2006. Close to one hundred plus volunteers clear trail, hang ribbons, and assist the riders and their horses with food and water and as a result things run very smoothly for the riders and their horses. These volunteers are always the most important assets to this ride. In addition, Ride Management will have radio assistance along the trail every four to five miles with the Wickenburg Sheriff’s Posse Search and Rescue as well as six veterinarians.

The ride consists of two twenty-five mile loops. The most technical parts of the trail are between Mile Marker 2 through 11 and Mile Marker 13.5 through 15. The first loop is traveled in the opposite direction it has been in the past three years, which provides a different view and challenge for the riders who have come to this ride in the past.

Ride Management will be on site the Wednesday prior to the ride for riders to come and camp early. But there will be assistance to all riders as they arrive all the way up until midnight prior to ride day. Ride Management is looking forward to greeting new riders, especially those doing their first endurance ride ever as well as those veteran riders who come every year.

Happy trails to all!

Robin Ollendick and Nancy Halsey
Wickenburg Horsemen’s Association

2 comments to Land of the Sun Endurance Ride

  • Mary Davis

    We would like to come to the area next Jan/Feb and bring our own Tennessee Walking Horses to ride. Is there anyplace with trail access that has hook-ups for the living quarters in our horse trailor?

  • Terry Thompsontt

    Hello,My name is Terry Thompson, I was just wodering if you might know anyone looking for a rider,for the trail ride or might have some young horses that need work.Very exp rider,with some extra time ,Thank You Terry Thompson /no charge