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Liar Stuck in Canada

I just got the following e-mail message from Jim Cook, author of the Journal of Prevarication here and related Liars Journal books. I’d e-mailed him a few times, not knowing that he was away, to encourage him to enter his journals directly onto the site. Here’s what he said:

Maria, I’ll learn how to drive my stuff onto the improved website if I ever get home to Wickenburg.

We came up to Victoria BC December 22, to spend Christmas with Ellie’s sister. I got sick and ended up in the hospital here, not once but twice, with pneumonia and epiglootis. Eight days, all told. It has been a nightmare, but also an interesting experience.

The doctor here thinks it would be good for me to have oxygen available on the flight from Seattle to Phoenix, and that has triggered a bunch of bureaucratic nonsense from Alaska Airlines. We should get it figured out today.

I love this town in summer, but the winters are cold, wet and windy.

Please join me in wishing Jim a speedy recovery and speedy return home.

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