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Photographs Wanted

You may have noticed that although most of the old wickenburg-az.com site has been moved to its new format, the content in the Photo Tours section is conspicuously missing. There are two reasons for that.

The first is that inserting photos in documents in the new Web site software is a bit tedious. I thought I’d experiment with a software plugin that’ll create photo “galleries” online by accessing photos stored in a database. The benefit of this is that I can add photos at any time and they’ll automatically appear on the appropriate page. This is a great way to get photos from site contributors, too.

The plugin works with an online service called Flickr. Flickr lets you upload photos to its Web site and assign tags to them. Then, when anyone searches for a specific tag and your photo has that tag, the photo appears. Try it for yourself with some of the photos I uploaded yesterday for a trial. Click here to see all photos tagged Wickenburg currently available or click here to see all photos with the tag Downtown.

My goal is to get as many quality photos as I can online and have them appear as thumbnail galleries on the wickenburg-az.com Web site. Clicking an image should display a larger version of the image and start a slide show of all images in that group. Then contributors and I can add new photos at any time and, if they’re properly tagged, they’ll appear on the page without any additional effort by any of us.

I experimented with the plugin yesterday and was not satisfied with the results. But I’m not giving up. In the meantime, if you have photos of Wickenburg that you’d like to share with site visitors, consider getting a free Flickr account and uploading them there. Then, when we’re ready to go live, you can e-mail me and let me know that you’ve got something to share.

I said there were two reasons that the Photo Tours were not back online. Here’s the other reason: the photos are old. I’d like to refresh the site with new images. So again, if you have photos you’d like to share, don’t keep them to yourself!

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