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Robson's Mining World Anniversary Celebration

On January 7, I had the pleasure of participating in the Robson’s Mining World Anniversary Celebration.

Robson’s Mining World, which is covered in detail in a Things to Do article on this site, has its annual anniversary celebration every January. For the past three years, I’ve been part of the fun, offering inexpensive helicopter rides to event attendees. It’s lots of fun for the folks who climb on board with me and I get a real kick out of taking so many people for their first-ever helicopter ride.

Helicopter Over Robson's
Flying M Air’s red R44 helicopter over Robson’s Mining World

But the helicopter rides are only a small part of the fun. For their anniversary, Robson’s opens its gates to the public for free admission to the entire site. (Normally, it’s only $5 per person, so don’t wait until next year to visit if you missed out this year.) They invite authors, musicians, and artisans. They give tours of the museum features, sell $1 ice cream cones (remember the days?), and have free popcorn. There are hamburgers and hot dogs and the restaurant is open for table service. The place is crowded with people, but a free shuttle makes the trip from parking to the gates quick and dust-free.

Vendors at Robson's Anniversary
Robson’s Anniversary, as things were winding down

The best part of the anniversary is the engines, though. Robson’s has an impressive collection of old steam engines and, during its anniversary celebration, it does its best to get as many of them up and running as possible. This is a real treat, especially for motorheads, because these antiques are quite spectacular when seen in action — noisy, belching machines that take you back to an earier age.

Click the Play button to watch the engines in action.

(Note: If you can’t see the movie, please use the Contact Us link to let the Webmaster know. Be sure to indicate what you DO see and what operating system and browser you’re using. Movies are new here and we want to make sure they work for everyone. Thanks.)

Steam Engine at Robson's
This steam engine was also driving up and down the road during the event.

The event was a lot of fun for everyone. I’m really looking forward to next year’s anniversary.

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