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Supermarket Traffic Jams

I hate to make my first contribution to this site a complaint, but I think the best way to solve a problem is to draw attention to it.

I’m talking about the traffic jams in the local supermarkets.

It’s really quite amazing how many people think nothing of blocking up the supermarket aisles with their carts while they chat with friends. Come on, ladies! Show some consideration for your fellow shoppers! Maybe you haven’t seen Betty since last season, but does that mean you have to cause a traffic jam in the supermarket while you catch up on the past ten months with her?

And it isn’t just ladies. Some of the men are doing it, too.

Here’s my advice: when you run into someone in the supermarket who you haven’t seen in a while, and you just have to chat right then and there, move both of your carts to the same side of the aisle and stand together on that side. This should allow enough room for people to pass.

Better yet, take it out of the aisle completely.

Or even better, take it out of the store. Meet for coffee later in the day or week. Wouldn’t that be a better environment to catch up on the past year’s activities?

Supermarkets are primarily for shopping, not for socializing. Be considerate to your fellow shoppers. Don’t block up the aisles just to engage in idle chatter.

After all, don’t those traffic jams frustrate you, too?

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1 comment to Supermarket Traffic Jams

  • Darlene

    WELL, nearly one week later and the readers have NOT taken your wonderful advice…….
    In fact, it is like a huge challenge to see how long the aisles can be blocked…Great article…Thanks