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Wickenburg Public Library

Have you been to the library lately?

Wickenburg is extremely fortunate to have a great library right in town. Centrally located between Town Hall and the Community Center, the library has a good selection of books for adults and kids and a whole lot more.

Wickenburg Public Library
The main entrance to Wickenburg Public Library on East Apache Street.

Inside, the library is bright and airy. In the main room, there’s a desk for checking books in and out and some tables for reading. The main room is also where you’ll find the library’s reference collection, computers for checking the availability of books at the library, shelves of new books, large print books, and audio books.

Wickenburg Public Library
The main room of the library.

To the right, you’ll find shelf after shelf of fiction and non-fiction books. The library collects hardcover and paperback novels and keeps them together on the shelves so you only have to look in one place for the title you want. The main book room also has videos and DVDs for checkout, and a good collection of current magazines and newspapers for reading in the library.

Wickenburg Public Library
Shelves of fiction titles; non-fiction titles line the room’s walls.

Straight ahead is the kids room which is full of children’s books and a kid-sized table with chairs. The library schedules readings and other events for kids. It’s a great way to introduce youngsters to books. And I was recently happy to find a complete collection of Nancy Drew titles on the shelves — I read those as a kid and have begun rereading them.

Wickenburg Public Library
The children’s book room at the library.

The computer room is tucked away in a corner of the library. Library visitors can use these computers to access the Internet, surf the Web, or check their e-mail. There are a limited number of computers, so when there’s a waiting list, time is limited. If you have a laptop with a wireless card, bring it in — the library has free WiFi, too.

Wickenburg Public Library
The library has several computers with Internet access.

The library is also a good source of community information. They always have the latest edition of the Wickenburg Sun and Arizona Republic on hand. And a bulletin board near the door features flyers about Town Hall meetings and other local events.

I’ve found that the library also takes donations of good quality books in good condition. I’m not talking about worn paperbacks you may have purchased at a yard sale. I’m talking about new (or nearly new) bestsellers or other popular titles in good condition. I frequently drop off the books that no longer fit in my private collection’s limited space, as well as new books I write. (Wickenburg probably has the biggest collection of books by Maria Langer in the entire country.) Donations are always appreciated, since the library has a limited budget and membership is free to Maricopa County residents.

Have you been to the library lately? If not, what are you waiting for?

Library hours are:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Tuesday: 10:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Closed Sundays and Town Holidays

Wickenburg Public Library
164 East Apache Street
Wickenburg, AZ 85390

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5 comments to Wickenburg Public Library

  • Bil Munsil - K1ATV HAM TV

    I’m looking for a good email address for Linda and Pat Brown.

    Linda used to work in the Wickenburg Library.

    Bil Munsil
    Mesa AZ

  • do you have any books on the historic houses in wickenburg.

  • Jan Wange

    I am looking for an email for the Library Administrator.

  • sarah

    New library hours are not posted on this site. they are not open on mondays anymore. 🙁

  • Rhonda McDowell

    I am also looking for a good email address for Linda Hubbard. Someone told me she works for the Library. She was my good friend in High School.