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Upcoming Council Meeting Can Decide Wickenburg's Future

I stumbled upon this website in my search for information for a speech I was writing to present at the upcoming Wickenburg Town Council meeting on Monday, March 6th.

I am so glad to see that there are other concerned citizens who truly care about the direction our special little town is headed. I think most of us moved here originally because we wanted to live in a place where there was open space, little pollution and friendly neighbors.

It’s true that Arizona is growing by leaps and bounds and that growth is inevitable. I don’t have a problem with …

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La Siesta Motel

La Siesta Motel was one of the many motels that lined route 60 in Wickenburg between Phoenix and California — the old California Highway. Located just east of the Hassayampa River, its outstanding feature was a huge rock formation. Water flowed from this formation in a manmade waterfall and the motel office was built right into the rock.

This postcard image, from the late 1950s or early 1960s, shows a classic roadside motel like so many of the driving vacation era.

La Siesta Motel, circa 1960.

When I first came to Wickenburg in the late 1990s, La Siesta Motel …

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Could it Be? Rain in Our Immediate Future?

I just checked the weather for this week and there’s good news: rain.

That’s right. The National Weather Service is forecasting 40-60% chance of rain on Tuesday (tomorrow!). Whether it actually rains is something that remains to be seen.

If you don’t live in Wickenburg or the Phoenix Metro area you might be wondering why rain is good news. Well, it hasn’t rained in our area for about 130 days. Things are terribly dry and some folks say that the fire season has already started. (It normally starts in May or June, not February.)

Last year at this time, it …

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We're Back Online!

Well, I’m an idiot. But some of us knew that already.

Although I faithfully backed up the database that makes up the article content for wickenburg-az.com, I didn’t back up the theme files and other content for the site. So when the hard disk crashed on the afternoon of Friday, February 17, 2006, I lost the look and feel of the site.

I’m now rebuilding that, pretty much from scratch. Stay tuned and keep checking in. You might find it interesting to see how wickenburg-az.com‘s appearance changes throughout the day over the next few days.

February 26, 2006 update: I’m …

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Susanne & Company

Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Susanne & Company, a clothing shop in downtown Wickenburg.

Susanne & Company is located on North Washington Street, down the street from the Wickenburg Sun office. It’s not easy to find if you don’t already know where it is. From the traffic light at Tegner and Wickenburg Way, turn onto north Tegner. Take that to the first left and turn left. At the second block (North Washington), which is just over the railroad tracks, make a right. Susanne & company is on the left, between DeVries Custom Coachworks and the Pollman-Voehl insurance …

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