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Aerial Shots of Wickenburg

As a pilot, one of the things I’ve noticed is how different a place looks from the air.

This is all too obvious when I take Wickenburg residents on helicopter tours around the town. They look down at a place they may have been living for ten or more years and they ask me what they’re looking at. I point out the familiar landmarks — West Wickenburg Way, the High School, the Country Club, Safeway, Basha’s — and they get their bearings. Then they find their homes or schools or workplaces. It’s a lot of fun for them to get this new perspective of Wickenburg — and it’s a lot of fun for me to show it to them.

Yesterday, while flying around town, I had an opportuntity to snap a few photos of Wickenburg from the air. I thought I’d contribute some of them to the site’s Photo Tours area.

Here’s Downtown Wickenburg as seen from the south. You can clearly see the Hassayampa River, the buildings downtown, West Wickenburg Way, and highway 93. There’s even a train on the tracks going through town. Gold Rush Days are on and if you have sharp eyes, you can see the carnival down by the community center.

Downtown Wickenburg from the Air
Downtown Wickenburg from the Air

This shot shows the golf course at Rancho de los Caballeros. Beyond it, you can see the High School and Middle School, West Plaza, Westpark, and the airport. Morton Field and Vista Royale are in the distance and you can get a glimpse of North Ranch and Congress at the top of the shot.

Rancho de los Caballeros
Rancho de los Caballeros and Beyond

Flying M Air will be offering $30 helicopter tours of downtown Wickenburg today. I hope a lot of the folks who live in town stop by the airport between noon and 3 PM to take advantage of this great deal for a bird’s eye view of Wickenburg.

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3 comments to Aerial Shots of Wickenburg

  • michele schiff

    hi, i was wondering about the town of allah over by wickenburg, i was wondering why and if it is still a ghost town, and is it undisturbed or totaly destroyed , do you have pictures of that town, what is the history behind that town?

  • Tommy Knocker

    In 1912 a man and his wife bought the ranch of Frederick Brill. There they opened a resort. They named it the Garden of Allah. There was a station of the A. T. & S. F. railroad nearby. The railroad referred to the station as Allah rather than the longer name. The property is now owned by the Hassayampa Nature Preserve. The ranch house originally built by Frederick Brill is still there and used by the preserve.

  • Joanne Brill

    I was wondering if any of Frederick Brill’s descendants are living in the area. Does anyone have pictures of Frederick Brill? I am very interested in this Brill family. Is there a picture of the ranch house on line somewhere? Thanks,