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Anderson Mill

The Anderson Mill was run by two brothers. At the start of World War II all of the mines and mills that were not essential to the war effort were ordered closed. Anderson Mill and the mines supplying it were allowed to continue.

The Anderson Mill
The Anderson Mill

The mill was for obtaining muscovite mica. As part of the mining of the granite pegmatites other minerals were at times selectively hand cobbed and shipped. The mica produced was used as electrical and heat insulation as well as in joint compound and paint.

The mill was last operated in 1951 and it is my understanding that it is on BLM’s list for destruction.

You can find Anderson Mill at 33° 57.508′ N – 112° 33.551′ W. It’s on San Domingo Wash on an old Jeep road.

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  • BLM

    This site is not going to be destroyed. There is no such list. Look at our website for information regarding AML(abandoned Mine Lands). This will give you a little bit better info than I can here.