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Could it Be? Rain in Our Immediate Future?

I just checked the weather for this week and there’s good news: rain.

That’s right. The National Weather Service is forecasting 40-60% chance of rain on Tuesday (tomorrow!). Whether it actually rains is something that remains to be seen.

If you don’t live in Wickenburg or the Phoenix Metro area you might be wondering why rain is good news. Well, it hasn’t rained in our area for about 130 days. Things are terribly dry and some folks say that the fire season has already started. (It normally starts in May or June, not February.)

Last year at this time, it was raining quite often. The Hassayampa River, which hit flood stage in February, flowed under the bridge in town for at least five months. Now it sinks into the river bed just downstream of Box Canyon, miles from downtown and the bridge.

Last year we had wonderful spring wildflowers. We even had California Poppies blooming in January! This year, the desert is brown and dusty, with few flowers to be seen.

So rain is good news. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Wickenburg is on the right side of that 40-60% chance of rain.

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