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Crestview Motel

Here’s another quiz for Darlene and other site visitors.

I found this old postcard of the Crestview Motel and I’m trying to identify it in today’s Wickenburg. At first, I thought it was the Log Wagon motel — the layout is the same — but the vents on the building on the left don’t match up with the vents on the existing building there and the sign area is rounded instead of squared off.

Crestview Motel
Crestview Motel, circa 1950s.

Of course, there is a chance that this property no longer exists.

Anyone have information about it? Please use the Comments link below. Thanks!

February 4, 2006 Update

With information from site visitors Michael Birdsong and Darlene — thanks for your comments! — and my own pair of eyes, I found the Crestview Motel. A photo of what it looks like today is below. I think you can understand how I might have missed this, because it looks completely different. Of course, the “Crestview Apartments” sign should have tipped me off before I asked for help. (Duh.)

Crestview Apartments
Crestview Apartments, February 4, 2006.

The apartment complex is separated from the road by short brick wall and brick sign. Beyond that, the open courtyard has been filled in with covered parking for tenants and trees. These buildings are located on West Wickenburg Way.

As usual, your comments on this and other articles here are appreciated. Use the Comments link below.

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4 comments to Crestview Motel

  • Michael Birdsong

    This motel was on Whipple (West Wickenburg Way / US 60) next to Custard’s Last Stand the drive-in my family owned in the 1970’s, .

    It was turned into apartments (with new rooms added on to the front of each unit, reducing the size of the courtyard) in the late 1970’s. In fact it was located about three ‘doors down’, or Southeast, of “Frick’s Indian Store” on the saame side of the street.

  • You know, on my way to the airport this morning, I noticed that one of the apartment complexes I’d been driving by for the past 9 years was called “Crestview Apartments.” It looks VERY different now and I didn’t recognize it. I’ll have to take a photo later on today. Thanks for helping out with this!

  • Darlene

    Yes, seems like Crestview is STILL Crestview, most buildings are like people…BEFORE & AFTER………
    maintenance helps !!!!

  • I got a new picture of the Crestview this morning and will put it online soon. For those out-of-towners interested in seeing the differences, keep checking in!