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Custard's Last Stand

Site visitor Michael Birdsong, who currently lives in Colorado, lived in Wickenburg back in the 1970s. He entered the following comment for our Before and After coverage of Frick’s Indian Store:

I was amazed to see a picture of Frick’s Indian Store on your web site today. In the 1970’s my family owned “Custard’s Last Stand,” if ANYONE remembers that drive in restaurant, at 620 Whipple (now West Wickenburg Way, I guess). It was just a couple of doors down the road. I think only one business, a nursery called “The Cactus Fair” separated our place from Frick’s. (A small strip mall was later built on part of the Cactus Fair street front.)

Michael was kind enough to send a photo of Custard’s Last Stand from 1977:

Custard's Last Stand
Custard’s Last Stand, circa 1977.

I am very familiar with this property, having admired its bright, open appearance since moving to Wickenburg years ago. I went out yesterday and took a modern photo of the place to put on the site.

640 West Wickenburg Way
620 West Wickenburg Way, February 4, 2006

In the e-mail message accompanying the photo, Michael added:

It’s odd how you can live somewhere for 10 years, and only have one or two pictures of the place. (Our house was on the back half of the property.)

Here are the details about recent tenants on this property, as I know them:

The building is currently semi-vacant. A man who sells slot machines uses it to display a few machines, but his storefront is on the Phoenix Highway just south of town.

The previous tenant was an insurance agent. Before that was a woman who did interior decorating — I believe she was responsible for the awning and other improvements. She used to have two small Eifel Towers out front, but she took them away when she left. Before her was a kind of new age/fantasy shop called something or other Dragons; the people who ran the shop seemed to live in the building, too. Before that, it was a bookstore. That’s what it was when I first came to town 8 or 9 years ago. The house still exists at the back side of the property and it appears to be occupied.

If anyone else has information about the property, please use the Comments link below to share it.

And keep sending in those old photos! I think they’re fascinating.

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3 comments to Custard's Last Stand

  • john fellmer

    i am interested in contacting the person which sells used slot mahines in Wickenburg, AZ if you could send me their infomation i would say thanks

  • Custers was the happenin’ place for High Schoolers (that had a vehicle) to go and get a coke or ice cream after school. The other place was where the Cowboy Cafe is now. A family by the name of Payne owned it before the Birdsongs. It is nice to have memories that have not been completelt erased by progress!

  • Suzy

    This is where I lived when I was 7 years old. My daddy bought this drive-in and moved our family from California so that my mother could breathe good air and not smog. I lived here until my father passed away when I was 13 years old. I learned alot here. I learned how to work hard, I learned how to smile at the general public, I learned how to make change, I learned how to laugh while playing in the desert with my friends and I learned how to cry when I lost my dad and my childhood. The friends I made in Wickenburg are still friends today and to think….I didn’t live in a fancy big house. I lived in a little, loving home. Thanks for letting me add to this.