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Gold Rush from the Air

On Saturday, during Wickenburg’s annual Gold Rush Days craziness, Maria and I went flying over downtown Wickenburg. We had an aerial photo assignment to do, so I had my door off and was ready to snap photos.

Here’s a shot of downtown Wickenburg I took around 2 PM. We were over the river, looking back toward the Community Center when I snapped the shot. It shows most of the downtown buildings, shops, and offices, as well as the confluence of Sols Wash and the Hassayampa River.

Gold Rush Days from the Air
Gold Rush Days 2006 from the air.

You can buy a photographic print of this image to support wickenburg-az.com.

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1 comment to Gold Rush from the Air

  • What a great shot (and daring too)
    I just got an e-mail from Louella over at the lumber yard and I thought
    about you both.
    We just got 6 inches of snow and another 4-5 is expected throughout
    the day…
    I had to use the 4-wheel drive today in the Branco just to
    get to Physical Therapy.

    I love coming to this website and checking out Wickenburg when
    I am home sick