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Henry Wickenburg Monument

I ran across this very old postcard of the Henry Wickenburg monument in the little triangle of land at the corner of North Frontier and North Tegner Streets.

I was struck at once about the obvious age of the photo. I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes back to the year the monument was erected, 1941.

Henry Wickenburg Monument
Henry Wickenburg Monument, circa 1940s.

The monument tells the story of Henry Wickenburg’s discovery of gold and the founding of the town. It’s a nice little history lesson for anyone interested in the town’s history. Myfavorite line from the monument:

Legend tells it that this intrepid frontiersman, a native of Prussia, found the Vulture gold in a chuck of rock he was throwing at a recalcitrant burro.

(Evidently, a burro was a requirement to find gold in this area; there’s a burro in the legend of the gold discovery at Rich Hill near Stanton, AZ, too. In that story, I believe they were looking for that burro.)

Anyway, here’s the monument today. It makes a nice stop on a little walking tour of town. Walk north on the west side of North Tegner Street, past the Coldwell Banker real estate office and the flower shop. The park is at the next intersection.

Henry Wickenburg Monument
Henry Wickenburg Monument, February 8, 2006.

By the way, this monument is in the same tiny park that I wrote about in my tribute article to Vi Wellik and Adrian “Pinky” Tyra back in March 2004. I had often seen Pinky working in this park, raking the dead leaves off the ground and trimming the trees. For a while, there was a pink ribbon hanging from one of the trees here. When it was removed, I put another one in its place. That was over a year ago and the ribbon is gone again. Next time I’m in a nice craft shop that sells pink bows, I’ll get a replacement for it. If you happen to visit the park, take a moment to remember friends and family lost in a little tribute to Pinky.

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2 comments to Henry Wickenburg Monument

  • Carmen Bejarano

    It is amazing, I just learned about the discoveries of gold in my History class, and i didn’t think that there was a monument. It makes me excited to see things like this, it take you back in time!

  • Catalin Ioan

    I red about Henry Wickenburg long time ago in a history of Far West.
    I think he was a great man and now is for the first time I see the monument. I like it very much. As I know, the Vulture mine was the richest gold mine in Arizona.