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The Garcia Little Red Schoolhouse

One of the site’s biggest supporters, Glenn Alessi, recently told me in an e-mail message that he attended school at Wickenburg’s Little Red Schoolhouse. This beautiful downtown building, which currently houses the Wickenburg Cultural Organization, is located on North Tegner Street near the Basha’s Supermarket. If you’re in the area and appreciate old architecture, I highly recommend that you step inside for a visit. The interior is beautiful wood, laid out for the last tenant (a bank). You can even ring the old school bell!

As I was driving around town this morning, taking “after” photos for the Before and After section of the site, the sun hit the building so beautifully that I thought I’d take a new photo of it for the site.

Garcia Little Red Schoolhouse
Wickenburg’s Little Red Schoolhouse, February 1, 2006

I’d love to read comments from anyone who attended school in this building. Use the Comments link below.

You can buy a photographic print of this image to support wickenburg-az.com.

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2 comments to The Garcia Little Red Schoolhouse

  • mike hernan

    my granfparents Elsie and Jim Hall owned Brayton’s Commercial Co. now the site of the Museum. I lived on Jefferson St across from Braytons and walked to school at the gartcia Schoolhouse. 1st and 2nd grades were spent in this building. I cannot count the number of times I rang the bell located on top of the building – ringers were pulled into the air- much fun.

    The little red schoolhouse is indelibly etched in my happy memory bank. Oswald Miller, my best bud in 1st/2nd and part of 4th grade lives near Phoenix, his older bro was a police officer of many years.

  • Kelli Thomas

    Oh Wow! What memories this brings back. I lived in Wickenburg -I think 75-78, and went to 6th through 8th grade in that school house. The 6th grade class was held in the red schoolhouse, and 7th and 8th graders were in portable like rooms. I can still picture my teachers faces. That was the best time in my life! We did all sports (yes, big even for girls back then), I remember constantly playing 4-square before school started. I look back and it was such an incredibly innocent time. I would give anything to be back in that school house with the lid lift desks where we stashed our bazooka gum and other candies. I graduated from 8th grade there, and then unfortunately my family moved. I heard a rumor that it burned down. It really was a great life, and a great place to grow up! Thanks for the memories!!