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Annexing Tumbleweeds

A yearling tumbleweed crossed U.S. 60 in front of my car the other day, and I had no choice but to smash it to smithereens. …

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Isaac Bradshaw's Grave

In 1862 the brothers William and Isaac Bradshaw along with William Warringer, sought and received a 20 year exclusive contract from Arizona’s first territorial legislature for a ferry service across the Colorado River between Providence Point, California and Olive City in Arizona. William Bradshaw’s brother Isaac, ran the ferry most of the time, while William went to the Weaver Mining District in Arizona and spent his time prospecting and exploring. William died in 1864, later that year the Silver Mountains were renamed the Bradshaw Mountains.

In 1867 Isaac Bradshaw got gold fever so he sold his interest in the ferry …

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Do Wickenburg Voter Votes Count?

The town council vote on the Ringwood/Country Club rezoning request is now history and while I believe the new plan is acceptable and in good taste, I believe a larger problem has emerged from this issue. I am very concerned about the message the town council is sending to the voters of Wickenburg.

Public record now affords us a clear view of the path the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Town Council and Mayor followed to arrive at their final approval of the Ringwood project. It is a journey which very clearly demonstrates a complete and total disregard for the …

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Snow on the Mountains

The desert and mountains from my house in Wickenburg are always beautiful, but yesterday’s 140+ day dry-spell breaker, created this dramatic view.

Wickenburg, with the Weaver Mountains in the distance, covered with snow.

The 'Young' Snowbirds Enjoy West Park

My companion and I have visited Wickenburg together for four winters now. It is a long trip from Maine, but in our opinion Arizona is far superior to other winter hot spots such as Florida and Texas. We specifically love the small-town, western feel of Wickenburg.

The first winter was hot and dry and we stayed in town in a nice, cozy apartment owned by a friend. The next season (cooler, but dry) found us at the Rancho Casitas Guest Ranch, where we enjoyed a quaint apartment with a gorgeous view, great neighbors, and lots of hospitality. That summer, back …

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