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Rancho Grande Motel

One of the old photos of Wickenburg that I tracked down is this old postcard of the Rancho Grande Motel in downtown Wickenburg.

I’m no expert, but I’m guessing that this postcard was from the 1950s or early 1960s. (It would be a lot easier to tell if there were cars in the photo.)

Rancho Grande Motel
The Rancho Grande Motel, circa 1950s or 1960s.

The motel still exists. It’s now the Best Western Rancho Grande Motel and, as you can see in the photo below, it’s been expanded a bit with a huge sign. The cover over the drive-through area for check-in was removed; I don’t know when.

Best Western Rancho Grande Motel
The Best Western Rancho Grande Motel, February 2006.

The motel got new owners a year or two ago and many of the rooms have since been refurbished (although I’m sure they were refurbished at least once before then, too). Located right in downtown Wickenburg, it’s currently one of the more popular places for overnight stays.

One of these days, I’ll try to get a current photo of the pool, since it also appears in the old postcard above.

If you know more about this building or business or have other old photos, use the Comments link below to let us know.

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7 comments to Rancho Grande Motel

  • REFURBISHED! Maybe I’d leave y’all alone if you’d fix the post.

    It just plain ain’t right to leave somethin’ misspelled when it’s kindly been pointed out.

    C’mon webmistress, if ya got the time to delete a simpleton’s comment, ya got the time to fix a misspelled word or two.

    Buh bye,


  • Sorry about that! I didn’t even notice it. I guess John had better run his posts through a spelling checker before he puts them online.

    I do recall another comment about this coming through, caught in the spam catcher. The link made me (and the spam catcher software) think it was a spam message advertising a dictionary site. (You wouldn’t believe the quantity and type of spam that the catcher catches.)

    Glad you wrote again, but sorry you had to. Thanks!

  • I love the old photo/post card of Rancho Grande.

  • Destiny


    I sure hate to be critical with y’all, but it’s still misspelled in the same paragraph just to the right of the parenthesis. Thanks for makin’ the effort, though.

    Nice site, by the way. Wickenburg plain old don’t deserve y’all.

    Ms. Destiny

  • Egads, you’re right! Well, I’ve fixed it again and this time I think I got it all. I guess John isn’t the only one who needs a spelling checker.

    And thank you for your comment about the site. You’re right — Wickenburg doesn’t deserve us. But that won’t stop us from doing our best, especially for nice folks like you!

  • Chris Pingree

    Just happened to see this site during a search and I couldn’t resist commenting on the Rancho Grande Motel. When I was a kid my family used to stay at this motel almost yearly on our vacation trips from Oklahoma to L.A. from 1960 to about 1972. The pool was a welcome site after a hot day in the car. Sometime during the 60’s they added a “garden wing” of rooms across the street to the east. This “wing” had rooms that opened onto a grassy courtyard type area. I don’t know if that wing is still a part of this motel or not. There was a pretty good restaurant across the street north where we would usually have dinner. I’m sure I have some old slides of this motel if anyone is interested.

  • Daryl

    My brother-in-law stayed there last night: dirty and crudy so he moved to Wickenburg Inn.

    You can’t blame that on Peacocks!