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Webcam Problems

Just a quick update on the problems with SaguaroCam. (If you’re not interested in the ins and outs of running a Web server on a shoestring budget, just skip this message. There’s better stuff to read below.)

After the February 17 hard disk failure, I installed an external Firewire hard disk on the computer system. This does a complete backup of the Web server’s hard disk every night.

Unfortunately, the iSight camera used by the Web site is also a Firewire device. It appears that my poor old computer can’t supply sufficient power to both devices (external hard disk and camera) at the same time. As a result, the hard disk gets very hot and the iSight stops working.

The solution is to buy a powered Firewire hub. I’ve just ordered one (not the kind of thing you can buy here in Wickenburg) and should have it online by next week. Many thanks to Glenn Alessi for his timely contribution which covered the cost of this purchase.

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