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246 mpg

CNN reported that gasoline prices reached $3.79 for a gallon of regular unleaded in Needles, California, yesterday. …

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Wickenburg Restaurant Sales Tax Second Highest in Arizona

I’m not sure if this is a distinction Wickenburg wants. Unfortunately, it’s there: local sales tax in Wickenburg restaurants is a whopping 11.5%. To put that in perspective, that’s 3.55 percentage points above Scottsdale and almost 2 percentage points above Sedona. Only the farming community of Eloy is higher at 12.6%. Only 13 of the 93 localities in the state have restaurant sales tax higher than 10%.

What’s going on here? We all know that the mayor and council have been scratching for revenue sources for quite some time. The retail sales tax went up about 3 years ago. Annexation …

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The Great Wickenburg Pizza Taste Test of 2006

I’ve been wanting to write an article about Wickenburg’s pizza restaurants for a while now. Problem is, I like a certain kind of pizza. It didn’t seem fair for me to voice my opinions about what was “best” when what I like might not be what other people like.

So I arranged the Great Wickenburg Pizza Taste Test of 2006. Working with my friend Stan who has a spacious, clean, and stereo-equiped hangar at Wickenburg Airport, we invited a bunch of mutual friends — mostly pilots from all over the country who now live in Wickenburg — to join us …

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Kwikprint Offers Printing and More

One of the things I like best about Wickenburg is shopping in small stores. You know what I mean — stores more like the ones you shopped in years ago than warehouses. Stores where it’s possible to buy one item rather than a dozen. Where the person behind the counter actually cares whether you find what you’re looking for. And probably even knows you by name.

There are quite a few stores in Wickenburg that meet that description. One of them is Kwikprint, recently relocated to the brand new Riverside Plaza on East Wickenburg Way, just west of the river.

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Open Discussion About Wickenburg's Future

I’d like to invite all visitors to participate in an open discussion about Wickenburg’s future currently going on in the Discussions area.

A visitor has asked for opinions about the town and he’s gotten a few. Perhaps you have something you’d like to add? Don’t be shy — join in!

And if you’re interested in writing an Opinions piece for the site, click the Participate link at the top of any page to learn more.