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Spring Flowers and Wildfires: March – June 2005

My recent photo journal of the 2005 spring flowers around Wickenburg concentrated on the Blue Tank Wash area, north of Constellation Road. The beauty of nature was not limited to this area, of course, and I include in this journal two photos in the vicinity of Vulture Peak as good examples.

Residents and frequent visitors will recognize this location on the east side of Vulture Mine Road, just a mile or two south of Rancho De Los Caballeros. This photo, taken March 1st, shows a cluster of very plump Saguaro with a broad field of Golden Poppies. We continued to …

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Remembering John Henry Pruit

This is a day for remembering those who gave up their lives for freedom. I want to remind you of a real hero who is almost forgotten. …

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Wickenburg Cultural Organization

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of stopping in at the offices of the Wickenburg Cultural Organization (WCO), where I spoke to the folks there about their building, their organization, and their mission.

Here’s some of what I learned.

The WCO was founded in 1994 as the Wickenburg Chamber Orchestra. Its founders believed that all children should have music as part of their education.

Today, the WCO, which is based in the historic Garcia Little Red School House in downtown Wickenburg, exists to enrich the cultural education of children living in rural Arizona. It does this by providing …

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Another Bird's Nest

The other day, I noticed that a dove had made a nest between the arms of a saquaro cactus outside my office.

The cactus, which is about 20 feet tall, stands beside the stairway to the upstairs units. It has two short arms, right beside each other, facing south about 12 feet off the ground. When I stand on the landing, I can look right down into the nest at the base of the arms.

A dove sits in there day and night. She’s made a substantial nest — at least for a dove — out of twigs and grass …

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The Spring Flower Show of 2005

For Wickenburg area residents and winter visitors who were fortunate to be here in the spring of 2005, we were treated with a magnificent display of high desert flowers and cactus blooms, lasting from March through May. The area received 8.62 inches of rain in the last three months of 2004, followed by more than 7.5 inches between January and March of 2005. The result was a veritable carpet of Owl’s Clover; Lupine; California Poppies; Desert Marigold; Brittle Bush; Globemallow and many other, less profuse, flowers.

The photos included in this article were taken in the area of Blue Tank …

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