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Another Bird's Nest

The other day, I noticed that a dove had made a nest between the arms of a saquaro cactus outside my office.

The cactus, which is about 20 feet tall, stands beside the stairway to the upstairs units. It has two short arms, right beside each other, facing south about 12 feet off the ground. When I stand on the landing, I can look right down into the nest at the base of the arms.

Dove's NestA dove sits in there day and night. She’s made a substantial nest — at least for a dove — out of twigs and grass and other nesting materials. The spines of the cactus hold the nest in place, even during windy days. When I stopped to take a photo of her this morning, she looked up at me. I wonder if she realized that I saw her. Doves aren’t exactly the brightest birds in the sky.

She’s safe in her nest from many predators but not all. It will be interesting to see if her eggs hatch and young doves fill the nest.

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