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Polls Feature

I just recreated the old Polls feature. You can access it from the navigation sidebar on the right side of the page.

Those of you who have been visiting wickenburg-az.com for a while now may recall our old Opinion Polls. Those polls were created with quite a bit of effort on my part and I was never really satisfied with how they worked. In addition, it was a royal pain in the butt to add new polls. It’s no wonder that they eventually disappeared off the site.

Since the new wickenburg-az.com is built and managed with different software (WordPress blogging software), there are a lot more options for adding features. Like opinion polls.

These polls were created using the WP-Polls plugin by Lester Chan.

I hope to create a new poll every week or so. In most cases, the polls will cover topics that relate to Wickenburg or Arizona. I urge you to cast your vote — polls are meaningless without voters! The software does not track voter information, so there’s no way I or anyone else can determine how you voted — or whether you voted at all. Cookies must be enabled for voting to work, though; the software uses a cookie to determine whether you have already voted on a specific poll so you can’t vote twice.

And if you have suggestions for future poll topics, please use the Comments link for this article to let us know.

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