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Important Issues Poll

I’ve just put a new opinion poll online. You can find it in the navigation bar on the right side of the Home page of this site.

With elections coming up, I decided that the poll should look at some of the major issues affecting Wickenburg as it continues to go through its “growing pains.” The poll offers six possible responses to the question “What do you think is the most important issue facing Wickenburg today?” The responses I’ve listed are those I’ve received from a handful of people I asked for input.

If you think there’s another issue that’s …

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Registration, Discussions, and Classified Ads

I’ve had to temporarily turn off new user registration on the site due to a security loophole one of the WordPress developers just found.

The trouble with that is that to prevent spam in the forums, I’ve had to limit forum posting to registered users. So if you’re not registered, you can’t post a comment or advertisement in the Discussions or Classified Ads area.

You can still view both of those areas, so please don’t hesitate to stop in and check them out. And if you already have a user account on this system and have used it in the …

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The Geronickers of Summer

Friends in the greater Phoenix area keep telling me that they hear of heavy rains in the Wickenburg area. I don’t know what channel they’re watching, because that’s nowhere near the truth. …

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Mars Is Coming Your Way!

This month and next, the Earth is catching up with Mars, as the two planets orbit the sun. This will culminate on August 25 as Earth and the red planet come closer than they have ever been in recorded history. …

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Webb Center 2006/07 Season Calendar Now Online

I just got finished adding a bunch of shows for the Sixth Season of the Del E. Webb Center of the Performing Arts to our Event Calendar. I got the information from the Encore Society membership invitation I received in the mail a few weeks ago.

We in Wickenburg are very fortunate to have the Webb Center right here in town. One of the things that non-metro areas usually lack is easy access to culture. Although we don’t have a lot of theater here in town, we do have more than a dozen shows each year at the Webb Center. …

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