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Ygnacio Garcia's Gifts to the Community

After the Walnut Grove dam disaster in 1890, the narrow minded leaders of the community of Wickenburg refused to allow the Mexicans and Chinese who had perished in the ensuing flood to be buried in the local cemetery. Ygnacio Garcia was a local rancher who responded to this affront and donated land for a cemetery so they could have a proper burial place. The cemetery is located about one mile west on Highway 93. The cemetery is on your left set back from the highway. Not wanting to acknowledge the generosity of a Mexican, the town called the cemetery “Catholic …

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Wickenburg Airport: Before and During

Right now, Wickenburg Municipal Airport, one of the best facilities in Wickenburg, is closed. It’s getting a major runway overhaul, with 1,500 feet added to the northeast end and 500 feet taken away from the southwest end to result in a net 1,000 foot increase in length. The completed runway, which should be opened to air traffic again in mid September, will be over 6,000 feet long.

This is a great thing for Wickenburg. The airport can now accommodate more private and fractional jets — aircraft that bring affluent people to town where they (hopefully) spend money at our guest …

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Voting on Wickenburg Issues Poll to End Today

If you haven’t yet voted on the Issues facing Wickenburg poll, today is your last day to vote. Tomorrow, we’ll start a brand new poll to run through the end of September.

You can find the poll in the sidebar on the right side of the Home page of this site. You can visit poll archives to see results of past polls (but not vote on them) on the Poll Archives page.

If you’d like to discuss poll outcomes and voting, visit this site’s Discussion Forums. Although anyone can read the discussion forums, you must be a registered user to …

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SagaroCam Movie is Back!

After a reminder from Glenn, one of our loyal site visitors and supporters, I finally got the SaguaroCam movie back online.

Here’s how it works. Throughout the day, our SaguaroCam takes photos out the window of wickenburg-az.com headquarters in downtown Wickenburg. The view might not be exciting, but it does show the cloud cover. (I use it when I travel to see what the weather is like back home.)

The photos are snapped every 5 minutes between 4 AM and 8 PM daily. Only the most recent shot appears on the Home page.

At the end of the day, my …

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Adios, Pluto

Clyde Tombaugh decided in 1930 that the light source he had found in photographs of the heavens was coming from a new planet. …

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