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SagaroCam Movie is Back!

After a reminder from Glenn, one of our loyal site visitors and supporters, I finally got the SaguaroCam movie back online.

SaguaroCamHere’s how it works. Throughout the day, our SaguaroCam takes photos out the window of wickenburg-az.com headquarters in downtown Wickenburg. The view might not be exciting, but it does show the cloud cover. (I use it when I travel to see what the weather is like back home.)

The photos are snapped every 5 minutes between 4 AM and 8 PM daily. Only the most recent shot appears on the Home page.

At the end of the day, my software creates a QuickTime movie with all of those snapshots. That’s when the magic happens. All those static clouds seem to move in a time-lapse movie of the view from our window.

Yesterday’s movie was especially good. I left town at 8:30 AM on a helicopter charter to the San Diego area, so I missed the storms. Literally. I slipped out of Wickenburg to the south, past Vulture Peak between two thunderstorms. But I got to see them on this morning’s SaguaroCam, delivered to my e-mail box.

Click here to download and view the August 24, 2006 movie. (It’s a 610K QuickTime movie file, which makes it a bit too big to just embed in this page.) It’s worth the download — you can actually see the storms sweep by throughout the day.

There are two ways you can view the daily movies:

  • Click the Download Yesterday’s SaguaroCam movie link in the WebCams area of the sidebar.
  • Use the Contact form to e-mail the Webmaster and get your name on the SaguaroCam Movie distribution list. You’ll get one 610K movie each day and nothing else. (We don’t send out junk mail.)

Your feedback is always appreciated. Use the Comments link to add you comments about this feature.

And thanks very much to Glenn for nudging me just enough to get this feature set back up.

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