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Real Estate/Zoning Voting Poll to End Soon

This is your last chance to vote in the Real Estate/Zoning Voting poll. You can find it in the sidebar of the home page until the first week in October, when a new poll will take its place.

So far, there have been 38 votes. 92% of the voters responded that an elected official with personal or family ties to real estate should not vote on zoning issues because it’s a conflict of interest.

Have you voted yet? Please do. And remember, even after this poll has been closed, you can still discuss this issue on our Discussion Board.

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Thanks for Voting…but You're Not Done Yet

I would like to thank the voters of Wickenburg for taking the time and effort to get out and vote on September 12th and I am very proud of the voter turnout we had here. It shows me that people are concerned about our town’s future. I am sincerely humbled and honored by the votes you cast for me. The sole reason I became involved in Wickenburg’s politics was because of my love for this town. I stand to gain nothing financially from any discussion or vote I might participate in. I want to see Wickenburg thrive in the future, …

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House Berlin

What would Wickenburg be without a German restaurant? Henry Wickenburg would have loved House Berlin on East Wickenburg Way, with its American and German flags flying proudly, side-by-side. It features German and continental cuisine, with moderate prices in the $8 to $16 range and a cosy, comfortable atmosphere.

House Berlin has been a popular dining spot in Wickenburg for years. Owned and operated by Peter Jaus with the assistance of Jayne Leyden, its menu includes such hard-to-come by (at least in Wickenburg) treats as escargot (an appetizer), wiener schnitzel, and apple strudel. Other entrees include German potato soup, a wurst …

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Hell Season is Over

(excerpted from Maria’s WebLog)

Who says Arizona doesn’t have seasons? We have five.

While I was away in Kingman last weekend, the heat broke and monsoon season — also known as hell season — ended. The humidity dried up to nothing, glasses of iced beverages stopped “sweating,” and the nights became cool enough to open the windows and leave the air conditioning turned off. The mornings are pleasantly cool right up until late morning — and sometimes throughout the day, if you stay in the shade.

In fact, I didn’t even run the air conditioner in my office yesterday. I …

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It’s actually called a Desert Hairy Scorpion, the largest in the US. They supposedly grow up to 8″ long. I’ve seen some five or six inchers, but this guy was pretty small at about 4 inches. He sure was pesky though as I poked at him, but parked on the garden hose so I could take his picture. If you look carefully, he’s smiling for the camera.

Most of the time while skirting around, he seemed to be practicing yoga-like positions, reaching his tail as high as he could. Of course he was really poising to teach me a thing …

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