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It’s actually called a Desert Hairy Scorpion, the largest in the US. They supposedly grow up to 8″ long. I’ve seen some five or six inchers, but this guy was pretty small at about 4 inches. He sure was pesky though as I poked at him, but parked on the garden hose so I could take his picture. If you look carefully, he’s smiling for the camera.

Desert Hairy ScorpionMost of the time while skirting around, he seemed to be practicing yoga-like positions, reaching his tail as high as he could. Of course he was really poising to teach me a thing or two. But posing for the picture, apparently he wanted to appear a bit more at ease and curled his tail down. His stinger was still out, and you can see the tip of it.

After the pose, I just walked away and let him go, because these big guys ironically, are the least dangerous of the local scorpion clan, and are known to eat the smaller more dangerous ones.

Anyway, I was just having more fun with my new camera and wanted to share it…

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