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House Berlin

What would Wickenburg be without a German restaurant? Henry Wickenburg would have loved House Berlin on East Wickenburg Way, with its American and German flags flying proudly, side-by-side. It features German and continental cuisine, with moderate prices in the $8 to $16 range and a cosy, comfortable atmosphere.

House BerlinHouse Berlin has been a popular dining spot in Wickenburg for years. Owned and operated by Peter Jaus with the assistance of Jayne Leyden, its menu includes such hard-to-come by (at least in Wickenburg) treats as escargot (an appetizer), wiener schnitzel, and apple strudel. Other entrees include German potato soup, a wurst platter, smoked pork chops, walleye pike, and kohl roulade. Every meal starts with a cucumber salad (just like my grandfather used to make) with tomatoes and warm bread. Side dishes include fried potatoes, spaetzle, and the best red cabbage I’ve ever had. Alcoholic beverages, including several varieties of real German beer and mixed drinks, are available at the bar or at the table with lunch or dinner.

House BerlinHouse Berlin is small with an intimate atmosphere. Tablecloths and cloth napkins set it apart from many of Wickenburg’s other restaurants, making it a good choice for special occasions. On most evenings, German music plays quietly through speakers in the corners of the main dining room. Posters and photographs of Berlin, along with other German items, decorate the dining room’s walls and the bar area.

House Berlin is open for lunch from Wednesday through Sunday (11:30 am to 2 pm) and dinner from Tuesday through Sunday (5 pm to 8 pm). With limited seating, reservations are recommended, especially during the busy winter season. There is ample parking in the restaurant’s private parking lot just west of the building.

House Berlin
169 E. Wickenburg Way
(across from the movie theater)

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5 comments to House Berlin

  • Dirk Haasnoot

    good morning
    we are visiting wickenburg january 07
    I mis websides about most of the restaurants in wickenburg, its easy for travellers to make plans.Mabye the can give me some menu information
    Greetings from Dirk Haasnoot
    Family of Dave Stegmaier

  • That’s a great suggestion. Perhaps someone will send us some restaurant menus so we can include them on the site.

  • […] Then, at 5, it was time for dinner with some friends. Jim and Judith have left Wickenburg for the Las Vegas area, with a second home on the California coast. They were in town this past weekend to finish packing up their house, which is for sale. (They want me to buy the house because it has a helipad and hangar, but I think their neighbors would kill me with the amount of flying I do.) We had dinner at their favorite restaurant in town, which is also one of ours: House Berlin. We had a great dinner, checked out their new car, and exchanged hugs and best wishes. […]

  • Hi Wanted to let you know that the House of Berlin is no longer a business in Wickenburg. After many months the House of Berlin has sold. It now is in the works to become a BBQ smoke house. My husband and I stopped in to Welcome our new neighbor. The folks are very friendly and are fixing the old House of Berlin up. It sounds like it will be a very nice place to enjoy.

  • Kathleen Schwartz

    My husband and I will sorely miss the House of Berlin. Please tell the BBQ smoke house to keep Walleye on the menu!