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Thanks for Voting…but You're Not Done Yet

I would like to thank the voters of Wickenburg for taking the time and effort to get out and vote on September 12th and I am very proud of the voter turnout we had here. It shows me that people are concerned about our town’s future. I am sincerely humbled and honored by the votes you cast for me. The sole reason I became involved in Wickenburg’s politics was because of my love for this town. I stand to gain nothing financially from any discussion or vote I might participate in. I want to see Wickenburg thrive in the future, reflecting the flavor and traditions which attracted a lot of us here to begin with. I have no hidden agendas and I assure you I will not dishonor you by accepting donations or contributions from individuals who will later possibly approach me for favors. It’s just not the way I do things.

I am tremendously disappointed in Wickenburg Sun Publisher/Editor Kevin Cloe. Once again he has blatantly demonstrated that he knows little about the town his newspaper represents. His “slam dunk” statement about sure-fire election winners was just plain wrong. I was concerned about the back-handed endorsement he gave me because, in the past, almost everything he endorses fails. The public obviously saw through his illogical arguments and voted for those individuals they thought would best represent their wishes.

The job is not completed yet. There will be a runoff election on November 7th and the people of Wickenburg need to continue to be involved. Educate yourself and decide just what kind of council members you want to represent you. Do you wish council members who find it acceptable to take contributions from builders and developers in town, or do you want representatives who are clearly concerned about avoiding even a perception of impropriety and will refuse contributions from these questionable sources. Take the time to examine for yourselves the candidates’ campaign finance reports — you can obtain a copy from the Town Clerk’s office at Town Hall. See for yourself who supports who here.

Don’t just vote on name recognition — vote on what each candidate stands for. Examine each candidate’s voting records on issues such as high density housing projects, or examine how each person has spoken out on these issues. Saying you want careful planning for our future in order to get elected and then voting to support your own private agenda (as we have seen here in the past) is wrong.

If you would like to obtain an early absentee ballot in order to vote — unrushed in the privacy of your own home. On the Web, go to:


Or, you can call 602-506-1511, press “1” and then press “0” to speak to an operator who will assist you.

I have always believed that you have to be open and honest with people in order to win their trust and confidence. That’s the platform I run on and hopefully you will elect those candidates who feel the same way.

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