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Zoning Voting Poll

I just added a new poll to the Home page. You can find it in the sidebar on the right side of the page.

Inspired by the call for an Ethics Policy among elected officials and town employees and recent accusations by voters, it asks the question: “Do you think elected officials with personal or family ties to real estate should vote on zoning issues?”

What do you think? Please let us know by voting.

You can discuss this poll in a discussion forum I set up just for this topic: Real Estate/Zoning Voting Poll.

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3 comments to Zoning Voting Poll

  • donna abbott

    No, council members with real estate ties should not vote on zoning issues.

  • Be sure to cast your vote in the poll in the sidebar on the right side of the Home page. This ensures that your vote is counted and that the current results are properly tabulated.

    This has been a popular poll! It’s just the first day and we already have 5 votes!

  • Thanks for the opportunity to express our comments. The present Town Council? is selling the Town down the river. The callous disregard for town residents at Council meetings is disgusting at best. The disrespect and discourteous way they treat us residents has got to STOP NOW! We must take our town back before it is too late.
    The more people that see our comments, the better. Thanks DAN Heffner