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Candidate Harassment Part of Wickenburg's Political Process

I was warned that as election day approached, the opposition (in this case the old guard, good-old-boy network) would increase the pressure by attempting to begin a smear campaign against me.

On Friday, October 27, at 10 AM there was a knock at my front door and it was Lyle Murdock, the Wickenburg Building Inspector. Since he has been involved in an ROC case against a couple of contractors who bungled a job in our back yard, he has been over here numerous times in the last 2 years, and I thought this was just a follow-up visit in conjunction …

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Oh, the Tangled Webs they Weave

Let me get this straight:

The Chamber of Commerce is publicly supporting Town council Candidates Kristi Henson, Scott Stewart, and Phil Richardson, along with the mayor who’s up for recall, Ron Badowski. Right?

Why are those names so familiar? Could it be because three out of four of them are on the Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors?

So the Chamber of Commerce is supporting political candidates who just happen to fill three of the five Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors positions? The Chamber of Commerce is, in effect, supporting itself to fill three political positions?

Hello? Does anyone …

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Harquahala Peak Smithsonian Observatory

Webmaster Note: I just updated this article, which originally appeared in March 2000, to add some photos that were lost when this Web site was converted to the new software last January. Although the text remains pretty accurate, if you do visit the observatory, it may look a bit different. On one of my morning flights up there a few years back, I noticed that they were doing some rennovation work on the building. These photos are from our first visit in 2000. If you have some newer photos, please use the comments link to let me know and I’ll …

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Keep Wickenburg Working…for Special Interests?

I was rather outraged (again) today when I learned that the Wickenburg Sun refused to print a rebuttal letter written by Mayoral Candidate Jeannie Tirpack in response to Recall Candidate Ron Badowski’s “Editorial” in the Sun. Outraged, but not really surprised. After all, the Sun has made it quite clear which candidates it supports. Ms. Tirpack isn’t one of them.

I admire Ms. Tirpack for stepping forward to offer us a viable candidate for Mayor when the people’s recall petition was approved. As I know firsthand, there are many power-hungry people in Wickenburg, people who feel threatened when someone challenges …

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Wickenburg Sun Tells Half the Story

After reading an article about a rezoning vote in the October Wickenburg Sun (on the Web site, of course), I sent the following letter to the editor. I’m not sure if they’re going to print it, so I’ll put it here.

Dear Editor,

I recently read an article on your Web site from October 4 regarding a zoning change for Hermosa Ranch. I was shocked by the information it contained and the failure of the Wickenburg Sun to provide all of the facts.

The Sun reported that the Town Council, including Mayor Ron Badowski and Councilman Phil Richardson, voted to …

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