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Oh, the Tangled Webs they Weave

Let me get this straight:

The Chamber of Commerce is publicly supporting Town council Candidates Kristi Henson, Scott Stewart, and Phil Richardson, along with the mayor who’s up for recall, Ron Badowski. Right?

Why are those names so familiar? Could it be because three out of four of them are on the Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors?

So the Chamber of Commerce is supporting political candidates who just happen to fill three of the five Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors positions? The Chamber of Commerce is, in effect, supporting itself to fill three political positions?

Hello? Does anyone else out there see something wrong with this?

Can you say conflict of interest?

Why doesn’t the Chamber of Commerce just take over the Town Council and be done with it? That would be just a little less obvious than what they’re doing, wouldn’t it?

And why is the Chamber of Commerce supporting any candidate at all? Shouldn’t they be supporting their members? The people struggling to keep their businesses alive? The same people who support the Chamber of Commerce by paying membership dues? What support are they getting from the Chamber?

What’s going on in Wickenburg these days anyway?

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1 comment to Oh, the Tangled Webs they Weave

  • John Cote

    In its recent economic summit, a Chamber spokesperson delivered an inpassioned endorsement of the 7 year property tax override to support our schools. But at the same meeting the school district presented materials showing that in a few years the Wickenburg School District will be predominently comprised of new residents of Buckeye. So why is the local chamber pushing this 7 year override that will commit our tax dollars to west valley growth? The “rooftop brigade” will stop at nothing to turn Wickenburg into an extension of Surprise and Buckeye. Why are we being asked to approve a 7 year override to support our schools when in year three of the override the population of new schools located within the corporate limits of Buckeye will outnumber our own in both student population and voting power and we as voters will no longer control expenditures in our own schools within a totally disfunctional and misnamed “Uinified Wickenburg School District”.

    The 7 year property tax override is a clever attempt to annex our own schools into a future entity in which we will have no meaningfull vote.