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Yes, You Can Get Baked Alaska in Wickenburg!

This past weekend marked the season opening at Rancho de los Caballeros, Wickenburg premiere guest ranch. This is a very special time of year for me, because when the ranch opens, its restaurant also opens. The restaurant at los Caballeros is my favorite one in town.

My husband Mike and I wasted no time visiting Los Caballeros for a meal. We stopped in for Sunday Brunch, which is offered on Sundays from 12 to 2 PM. A buffet spread that includes salads, sliced meats and cheeses, two hot entrees, and desserts is set up in a sunny room overlooking the pool, between the main dining room and cocktail lounge. We usually make it a three-course meal and often eat enough that we don’t need dinner later in the day.

The Patio at Rancho de los CaballerosGuests can eat indoors or outside on the patio, which overlooks the pool and the Weaver Mountains off in the distance. The food is fresh and tasty and there’s something for everyone. The hot entrees often have a regional influence — like yesterday’s bison stroganoff.

But the best is saved for last: dessert that includes a freshly made baked Alaska. If you’ve never had baked Alaska, you’re missing a treat. Imagine Neapolitan ice cream surrounded by yellow cake and fresh meringue. This exotic and rarely found dessert is a weekly staple at the Sunday brunch, along with pies, cookies, and other pastries.

Looking for someplace special to have Sunday brunch? Or dinner any night of the week? Try Rancho de los Caballeros. Reservations are always a good idea; if the ranch is fully booked, they may not have room for local visitors. Call so you’re not disappointed.

Rancho de los Caballeros
South Vulture Mine Road
Wickenburg, AZ

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