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Hermosa Ranch, the Saga Continues

At 3:00 PM today, the Town of Wickenburg held a “Special” meeting of the common council to discuss the recent Council elections and Hermosa Ranch project.

At the meeting, it was stated that the Mayor had a conflict with the Hermosa Ranch developer. Those in attendance were apparently supposed to believe that the Mayor knew nothing about this conflict until last week. The conflict was not explained.

So the mayor walked to the back of the room while the remaining council members rescinded the ordinance that approved Hermosa Ranch and then voted, one-by-one, to approve it again.

It was a good show, according to my source. Quick, well executed, and conducted without the council going into the back room for one of the their all-too-popular secret “executive sessions.”

Hermosa RanchThe vote was unanimous. Even Dave Lane, Chairman of the Airport Advisory Commission voted again in its favor, despite the fact that (1) the Airport Advisory Commission members were unanimously opposed to Hermosa Ranch at their most recent meeting and (2) the FAA is now directly questioning the Town’s decision to approve the development since it so obviously violates the agreement the town has with the FAA.

The FAA’s recent letter to the town didn’t even come up in the discussion of the event.

There wasn’t even any public input at all for the new vote, so those of us who are concerned about losing airport funding didn’t get an opportunity to speak up.

In the meantime, my referendum petition to bring the matter to a vote was rejected. But since the mayor failed to bring up his conflict of interest when the original vote was cast, that vote didn’t count. Today’s vote did and I have another 30 days to get the signatures I need.

Once again, I ask people who are concerned about the future of the airport and the safety and well-being of people who live nearby to contact me about signing.

And if you care about how Wickenburg is governed, why not ask the council members why they acted so irresponsibly again today when they had a perfect opportunity to undo their error.

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