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Politics as Usual in Wickenburg

I now know what is wrong with the public discussion this election season; there wasn’t any, except for the November surprise by Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Richardson with an unsubstantiated attack on 3 candidates. Mr. Fletcher was allowed the publication of statements founded on error, misinformation and exaggeration and Mr. Richardson distributed a flyer founded on error, misinformation and exaggeration. There are perhaps 100 explanations, most political, but it boils down to this; attack ads seem to work! They are an act of desperation! They want you to believe that you can’t trust anyone anymore and they try to present untrue statements as a good reason.

The most recent attack on my associates and me is shameful, and an act of desperation on Mr. Fletcher’s and Mr. Richardson’s part in an attempt to persuade residents to vote for the candidates they support. Those candidates are also supported by the Chamber of Commerce, which in most if not all cities takes a stand of neutral, non-endorsement.

I am old enough and self confident enough to accept true criticism, but this is an act of desperation that cannot go unchallenged. I will not lend credence to Mr. Fletcher’s and Mr. Richardson’s statements, except to defend myself by saying their allegations are untrue. I stand behind my career and accomplishments as I presented them to the public and I will not stoop to their level of politics as usual! This is one of the very reasons I decided to run for office.

The Wickenburg Sun has presented shallow, skewed and untrue comments as presented by Mr. Fletcher. The Wickenburg Sun has fallen into the habit of treating the public as if they are unable to make moral and factual decisions without the paper and its biased content. All candidates should be given moral and factual parity! Perhaps the newspaper staff in the future (as they should) will become arbiters of public discussion. Maybe they will pick up the obligation of the 1st Amendment to try and determine the truth of a matter; perhaps then, Wickenburg politics will return to small town values. A newspaper has one obligation and one only; to print the truth as far as humanly possible and comment on the truth as candidly as humanly possible.

All we want as candidates is to have simple accounting of political promises un-kept by the present administration and the promise of a better future without uncontrolled growth and feared condemnation. There is an old saying, “Those who control the numbers control the town.” It is time for a change!

I pledge again to the voters and citizens of Wickenburg that if elected on November 7th, I will support the public in a fair unbiased manner and present truthfulness on all matters. I will represent your views and I will never stoop to desperation politics.

I place my faith in that you as informed citizens can determine which candidates are worthy of your trust! Please vote for Chris Band, Jim Ferman and George Wilkinson.

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