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Wickenburg's Character Marred

Webmaster Note: Tom Rubin moved to Wickenburg to escape the traffic, pollution, crime, and hectic lifestyle of the Phoenix area. He often sends us magnificent photos of the view from his home at Turtleback Mountain Ranch. When APS started installing power poles near his property, he came to a Town Council meeting and spoke passionately about how the poles were ruining the neighborhood view. A Pre-Pole SunsetHe practically begged the Mayor and Council to intervene or at least request that shorter, less offensive poles be erected. The pole construction continued. Tom wrote to us with photos of the poles marring his once pristine views. I’ve removed the pole from one of his sunset photos (see left) to give readers a “before” look. Sadly, Photoshop can’t change what we see live, with our own eyes. – Maria

Look what they’ve done to our view (character and property value), mom.

Though warranted, a 69kv power line upgrade to Wickenburg,
APS it seems, may have bypassed public sentiment,
Ignored preferred routing along roads, then
Dismissed the most compatible of proposed alternate routes,
In an apparent shortcut to accessing available State Trust Land,
Or perhaps appeasement of development special interests,
Ran their 55-65′ poles atop some of the city’s most visible hills,
Marring the landscape, treasured views, and prestigious neighborhoods.
The Wickenburg City government apparently said okay.
Is this careless transformation of our pristine western character what we want?

Here is the view now from the Turtleback area of Wickenburg:

Sunset - with Poles

The Poles

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