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Holiday Wishes

Holiday greetings from Jim Cook and the staff of the Wickenburg Institute for Factual Diversity.

WHA Annual Jerry Hanson Trail Ride & Steak Cook Out

I had the pleasure, on Saturday, of attending the Wickenburg Horsemen’s Association annual Jerry Hanson trail ride and steak cook out. And this year’s turnout was the biggest ever, with more than 70 riders and 100 people for the cook out.

The Wickenburg Horsemen’s Association (WHA) is a group of horse enthusiasts who get together regularly to ride. The riding season in Wickenburg starts in October and runs through May. Throughout the season, the WHA board of directors and members set up a ride schedule that usually includes rides every two weeks or so. Members meet at predetermined parking areas, …

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Churches in Wickenburg

Recently, a site visitor asked about Churches in town. I threw together this list from the phone book. If you can provide any additional information about any of these churches, please use the Comments link to share your information with other visitors.

Berean Mennonite Church 684-5579

Calvary Baptist Church 684-7373

Church or Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 684-3862

Community Alliance Church 684-3525

Faith Baptist Church 684-0236

First Presbyterian Church 684-2836

First Southern Baptist Church 684-2756

Gospel Outreach Christian Center & School 684-5227

Mount Hope Assembly of God 684-7767

Redeemer Lutheran Church 684-2729

Seventh-Day Adventist Church 684-7419

St. Alban Episcopal …

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The Rifle: A Christmas Lesson

Webmaster Note: Glenn sent me this story via e-mail today and I really thought it would be a good thing to share with wickenburg-az.com visitors. This story is posted on many places throughout the Web — if anyone knows its author, please let us know so we can properly credit him/her. And remember the meaning of Christmas gift-giving this year. – Maria

The Rifle

Pa never had much compassion for the lazy or those who squandered their means and then never had enough for the necessities. But for those who were genuinely in need, his heart was as big as …

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Wanted: 231 Signatures

The Committee to Stop Irresponsible Development needs 231 signatures to bring Ordinance 972-R to a vote of the people. This ordinance allows a zoning change that would put 34 homes on a block of land approximately 3,500 feet from the northeast end of Wickenburg Airport’s Runway. (See photo.)

Why You Should Sign this Petition

We have the following concerns about this planned community, Hermosa Ranch:

Safety – In the event of an engine failure of a plane departing from Runway 5, there is a possibility that the plane may crash-land on Hermosa Ranch homes or property. (See photo.)

Noise complaints …

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