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4WD Historic Trip to Bradshaw's Grave

There have been several comments on my article about Bradshaw’s Grave and there seems to be an interest in visiting the site. I would be happy to lead a group out to the grave and share the history of the area that we pass through. We will visit several abandoned mines. We will pass by the ghost town of Swallow; we will also go by the sight of the former Whipsaw Nudist Colony (which was established by Hippies in the 1960’s). We will be close to the site of the Wickenburg version of the Hatfield and McCoy feud. We will stop at an Indian camp, which contains artifacts of their presence. I think many if you would find this trip interesting.

I have scheduled the trip for Saturday, December 9, 2006. If there is any interest, I will post the details later.

You would need an all terrain vehicle or a four wheel drive, high clearance vehicle to go on the ride. The terrain we will go over is not dangerous, just very rough. A two wheel vehicle would have a tough time traversing the trails.

A camera would be a must.

I look forward to you joining me on this ride to relive a part of the past so that it might be carried on for future generations.

Please post in the Comments if you are interested in participating.

November 27 Update: Tom Riggs will be joining us on the 12/9 ride. He has forgotten more of the history of the area than I will ever know. Start time will be 10:00 AM from the rodeo grounds. With Tom along, the ride that will be absolutely fascinating!

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21 comments to 4WD Historic Trip to Bradshaw's Grave

  • Count us in on this trip. We’ll bring my Jeep and perhaps two friends. I’ll put it on my calendar. The only thing that can shake it off is if a helicopter charter comes up that day. Thanks so much for offering this. It sounds like a great trip!

  • John B. Means

    A friend and myself are planning to attend your
    4WD trip to Bradshaw’s Grave. We will be driving
    a 4WD Nissan Xterra. We are anxious to see your postings of trip details. Thanks for making this opportunity available.

  • Lee Pearson

    My wife and I would also like to join you. Have camera, GPS, JEEP, et al. Sounds interesting.

  • Desert Hawk

    I have made this trip many times !

    All with Tommy Knocker, And I still see
    something new every time I make the
    Adventure with him.

    I’ll be looking forward to meeting everyone


    Desert Hawk

  • Daryl Drake

    I’d like to go, but how long is the trip? Miles and hours, please. Thanks. Please reply here or by email until 12/02, at my phone(928)684-2334 after.

  • Lee Pearson

    What route are you planning on taking? Last year I took the road that goes from Lk Pleasant to Senator Hwy then to Crown King. The last several miles of the Pleasant to Senator road were NOT PLEASANT… $600 worth of repairs. If that’s the route, then I will have to beg off unless its been graded! Lee.

  • Me, my wife and my daughter will be attending this ride.
    Looking forward to it!


  • Desert Hawk

    Great to see You & Your Family Comming Dutch !

    Don’t forget the Camera

  • Desert Hawk

    Thanks for the Update Tommy Knocker !

  • Greenglow

    Bob and I are in for this one!We look forward to riding with you again Mr. Tommy Knocker!

  • Daryl Drake

    Weather calls for a high of 62. Check this site out for topographic map:

    I assume a return by dark?

  • ArcticDog

    Count me in!!! I love this ride!

  • Dutch

    Have another friend attending as well. He lives in Wickenburg and is looking to enjoy the ride!

  • Dutch

    Okay Scott,
    I have three friends accompanying the wife and I on this trip.


  • Desert Hawk

    See Everyone in the Morning !

  • RicZ

    Great ride with great people. My son and i enjoyed it, especially the mine. Thanks Scott… Cant wait to do it again.

  • John B. Means

    Thank you for a well planned and very informative ride. I especially enjoyed the
    history and the beauty of the area. Let’s do it
    again soon!

  • […] We met at about 10 AM at the parking lot across the road from the Rodeo Grounds on Constellation Road. I was surprised by the turnout. Although I estimated that up to 15 people could be joining us (based on the response to the trip description posted here), there were far more people and vehicles. So many, in fact, that I thought another group had decided to meet for a trip at the same meeting place and time. The group included people ranging in age from a little girl about 2 or 3 years old to older folks in their 60s or perhaps even older — I didn’t ask! — and every age in between. Vehicles included quads and other ATVs, Jeeps, pickups and even a Nissan Xterra. […]

  • Dutch

    Had a great time and met some great people! Ready to go back and explore. 🙂

  • Big Al

    Please let me know next time you are going to Bradshaw’s grave. I want in.

    I have an Isuzu Trooper, very high clearance, but no 4WD. Would that be ok?

  • Alia

    Would love to participate…anyone going now?