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Wanted: 231 Signatures

The Committee to Stop Irresponsible Development needs 231 signatures to bring Ordinance 972-R to a vote of the people. This ordinance allows a zoning change that would put 34 homes on a block of land approximately 3,500 feet from the northeast end of Wickenburg Airport’s Runway. (See photo.)

Why You Should Sign this Petition

We have the following concerns about this planned community, Hermosa Ranch:

Hermosa RanchSafety – In the event of an engine failure of a plane departing from Runway 5, there is a possibility that the plane may crash-land on Hermosa Ranch homes or property. (See photo.)

Noise complaints – No matter what documents Hermosa Ranch homebuyers are required to sign, when jets and other aircraft overfly their homes on a regular basis, these people are going to complain about noise. This may result in airport restrictions that could compromise its economic usefulness to the community.

FAA Funding – The Airport Assurances agreement between Wickenburg and the FAA requires that the town allow only “airport-compatible zoning” near the airport. Although this area is designated as “Open Space” in the current Wickenburg Land Use Map, it is unclear why housing is being allowed in open space land. The FAA stated, in a letter to Town Planner/Airport Manager Miles Johnson, “Residential property in the vicinity of the airport is not a compatible land use.” The FAA demanded an explanation for this zoning. The town can lose its FAA funding, including the almost $2 million recently granted by the FAA to complete the runway lengthening project. Contrary to rumors being spread around town, the FAA did not approve Hermosa Ranch.

Future Airport Enhancements – Allowing homes so close to the runway’s extended centerline may prevent Wickenburg Airport from getting an instrument approach, which would allow for safer aircraft operations at night and during inclement weather.

Mayor and Council Failure to Consider Resident Concerns – At least two members of the public were on hand at the Planning & Zoning meeting to discuss Hermosa Ranch. P&Z voted to approve Hermosa Ranch despite their objections, without any further research or discussion. The same two people attended the Town Council meeting where Hermosa Ranch was discussed; again their concerns were disregarded when the matter came to vote on October 2.

Failure of the Mayor, Council, and Planning & Zoning Commission to consult the Airport Advisory Commission – The Airport Advisory Commission, an advisory body of the Town of Wickenburg that includes 5 active pilots, 1 inactive pilot, and a former flight attendant was not consulted about the Hermosa Ranch proposal. Subsequent to the project’s approval, members of this body raised questions as to why they were not consulted and did not get adequate responses. Contrary to rumors being spread around town, the Airport Commission did not approve Hermosa Ranch.

Second approval after more objections surface – After the October 2 vote, the Mayor was discovered to have a conflict of interest in the Hermosa Ranch project. A new vote was taken at a special Town Council meeting on November 27 at 3 PM. No further discussion was allowed, despite the fact that:

  • the Airport Commission had voiced concerns about the project
  • the FAA was investigating the Town’s approval of the project
  • a petition with 77 signatures indicated additional public concern about the project

This was a perfect opportunity for the Council to rethink the matter, yet it did not.

Sign the Petition!

Please help us! Sign our petition to bring this to the voters. Then vote to reject the Hermosa Ranch development and send your message to the Mayor, Council, and Town of Wickenburg staff.

Thanks for your support. Together we can make a difference.

To Sign: Call Maria at 684-1233 to arrange for a volunteer to meet with you. You must be a registered voter in the Town of Wickenburg to sign. Time is running out. Call today!

Note: The Committee to Stop Irresponsible Development is accepting donations to cover printing and legal costs. Please send your check for any amount to The Committee to Stop Irresponsible Development at 32655 Homestead Drive, Wickenburg, AZ 85390.

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