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Constellation: It's Not My Road

I am not quite sure why I am writing this piece, except to do a bit of venting in a public forum. Nor am I sure that it will do the least bit of good. The purpose of this note is to describe the irresponsible behavior and reckless driving that I have witnessed on the upper Constellation Road in the past few weeks (January-February 2007).

For the record, I go up into the upper Constellation/Hassayampa area frequently. I take photos and leave footprints. I study the area’s mining history, watershed, gorgeous spring flowers, and I hike. The people that I …

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Beauty in Gray

It’s gray and rainy here in Wickenburg today. A little while ago, walking past my bedroom glass door, I spotted right outside a small herd of deer camouflaged in the vegetation. I was lucky enough to grab my camera in time and capture this shot of three…

Help Keep the Gold Rush in Town

Webmaster Note: Since Gold Rush Days are coming up here in Wickenburg, I thought I’d rerun this article by John Aabbott, originally published February 10, 2006. If you’re visiting Wickenburg for the “big event,” please support the local businesses while you’re enjoying the Chamber-sponsored activities. After all, those are the businesses who fund the Chamber; it would be nice if they benefited from this event. – Maria

This weekend is Wickenburg’s annual “Gold Rush Days” celebration. It’s the town’s one annual big event and it draws thousands of people to town, with an art fair, carnival, and parade, as …

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Smart Voters Recognized by Developer in Newspaper Ad

I heard through the grapevine that Hermosa Ranch developer Jerry Diddy published a list of all 336 people who signed the petition circulated by Committee to Stop Irresponsible Development volunteers in December, along with a list of the volunteers. These are people who were smart enough to realize that a housing development at the end of Wickenburg Municipal Airport’s recently lengthened runway is just plain stupid.

I have no idea why Mr. Diddy spent his money to place such an ad. If his goal was intimidation, I think he failed miserably. The people who signed the petition were glad — …

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The Arizona Pioneer Cemetery Research Project

Over the past 2 years the Arizona Pioneer Cemetery Research Project (APCRP) has identified 45 cemeteries in the Southern Bradshaw Mountains. Of the forty five, forty one are classified as derelict on the verge of total physical loss from history. This represents 91.11% of these locations as being destroyed. One or two have been destroyed and no physical evidence can be found. Some are no more than one lone grave and the largest is 256 graves.

There are state affiliated organizations that represent themselves as trying to protect and preserve cemeteries. Government affiliated, sponsored organizations and the U.S. Forest Service …

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