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I'm a Lifeguard in a Think Tank

Our foreman, Carpet Tack, slammed the screen door as he stomped into my office, muttering, “I quit!” …

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Town Council Retreat an Excercise in Futility for Townspeople?

Webmaster Note: We’re reprinting this letter to the editor by Jim Ferman as a service to the community, particularly for those residents and visitors who do not read The Wickenburg Sun, where it originally appeared. This reprint is with the permission of the author. – Maria

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to Councilman John Zerby’s Feb. 28th letter to the editor, in which he states that none of the “Loud Minority” was in attendance at the recent Town Council Retreat. I, for one, was out of town working and was unable to attend. Of all people, Mr. Zerby …

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Hard Way to Make a Living

For anyone not familiar with mining terminology, an arrastre is a low technology method of pulverizing ore. From the perspective of production capacity, it is certainly a large step above panning for gold, but predates stamp mills, perhaps by hundreds of years. Although it was a slow and laborious method (at least for the mule), it was effective in separating free gold and silver from rock before more efficient ore crushing and chemical processes were developed. I believe the term “arrastre” is Spanish in origin but there is ample literature which refers to the method as Mexican arrastre. The technique …

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A Shadow Is An Ephemeral Thing

Most of the nation went on Daylight Saving Time last week, three weeks earlier than in previous years. …

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Swansea Townsite

Webmaster’s Note: I realized after reading a comment on this entry, which was originally published on February 15, 2002, that the photos that were once here were gone. Sadly, most of them were lost in a recent hard disk crash. I’ve replaced some of them, added a video podcast made before the photos were lost, and updated the entry a bit. If you take the time to visit this remote ghost town, please be sure to leave a comment here to let us know what you thought. – Maria

Swansea was a copper mining town around the turn of the …

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