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Desert Trekking: Unida Wash and Beyond

Unida is not a typical wash. It cuts through rugged, mountainous terrain, has a number of narrow passages, a variety of rock formations, gravel and sand bars that have been formed, carved and polished by the rush of debris laden waters from eons of monsoons and it is the home of the tallest known saguaro. The wash, located off Constellation road about halfway between Sayers Spring and the Monte Cristo mine, twists its way north eventually ending at the Hassayampa River.

Park your vehicle at the trailhead just off Constellation road, strap on your backpack, scramble over the steep bank …

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Desert Trekking: Red Top Loop & Peak

So many trails surround Wickenburg–which one to choose? For this trekking adventure we blindly opened Dana Burden’s book (1) and ended up with “Red Top”. My trekking partner, Dennis Orr, who I believe has memorized the book, agreed that would be a good one. So Red Top it was and off we went.

Red Top (3664 ft) is the middle of three peaks laying four miles North-Northeast of Wickenburg. The West peak is Creighton Hill (3064 ft) and the one on the East is Precious Peak (3190 ft). You will have to read Dana’s book to learn how Precious Peak …

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