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Desert Trekking: Tallest Saguaro and Balanced Rock

It was disappointing not having had enough time to search for the “Balanced Rock” during the previous trip, “Desert Trekking: Unida Wash and Beyond“. It certainly didn’t take any coaxing when I suggested to my trekking partner, Dennis Orr, “we need to complete that trip”. This time, we drove to the trailhead near the White Mine stamp mill site via Scenic View drive instead of hiking Unida wash. That gave us more time to explore “the beyond”.

We re-visited the tallest saguaro with tape measure and combination square-with-spirit-level in hand to measure its growth since that reported by Dana Burden …

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A Wickenburg Sunset

It was a delightfully cool day today, only reaching about 90 degrees, quite breezy, but uncommonly hazy too. I decided to light up the barbecue for the first time this season, to grill some veggies and a bit of salmon.

While flipping my dinner treats on the grill, I happened to notice the sun close to the horizon, about to disappear. I ran to grab my camera and capture this view. It’s awesome, except you can see the power poles in the forefront. A year ago, this shot would have been that much better without the poles.

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The Smartest Dog I Ever Knew

My older brother, Big Jake, phoned last night from Fairbanks, Alaska. It was good to hear from him. …

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Apache Longbow Helicopters Visit Wickenburg

Six Apache Longbow helicopters stopped at the Wickenburg Airport to refuel on Tuesday, May 15th. The Apaches were flying from Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson to Idaho, where their crews will undergo additional training for two weeks.

Wickenburg Airport Staff Refueling an Apache

Each helicopter has a crew of two – the pilot and a weapon systems operator who sits in the forward seat in the cockpit. The crews were from Singapore, which has purchased twenty Apaches from the United States. They will return through Wickenburg on June 1st after completion of the training mission.

If you …

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Crotalus Oreganus Concolor or Crotalus Mitchellii?

Allan Hall invited me to see the work that he and his son are doing to document graves, the arrastre and mine remnants in the Black Rock Mine area, and afterwards to hike Slim Jim wash.

Nearing our Constellation road destination, we stopped to chat with a Boy Scout group hiking the road. A couple of the boys spied a rattlesnake slithering out of the brush. It continued until it found shady “quarters” beneath Allan’s pickup. The snake was not disturbed even when Allan moved his truck so I quickly took this neat picture – using a ZOOM telephoto of …

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