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Apache Longbow Helicopters Visit Wickenburg

Six Apache Longbow helicopters stopped at the Wickenburg Airport to refuel on Tuesday, May 15th. The Apaches were flying from Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson to Idaho, where their crews will undergo additional training for two weeks.

Apache Longbow Helicopter
Wickenburg Airport Staff Refueling an Apache

Each helicopter has a crew of two – the pilot and a weapon systems operator who sits in the forward seat in the cockpit. The crews were from Singapore, which has purchased twenty Apaches from the United States. They will return through Wickenburg on June 1st after completion of the training mission.

If you are a military aircraft enthusiast, make plans to see these impressive helicopters. You should check with the airport to get an estimated time of arrival.

[Webmaster Note: One of the best things about working at the airport is seeing all the great aircraft that come through for refueling. If you’re a physically fit and responsible guy or gal with an interest in aviation, why not consider a part-time job working at the terminal for Master Aircraft Services? Stop by and chat with them to see if its something you’d like to do. – Maria]

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